Thursday, 21 July 2016

Tuesday Hot, hot, hot

Report by Dave Clark

Just 8 of us in on the hottest day of the year so far (my car registered 33C in the station park), although it was breezy in the afternoon which gave some relief.

Cheryl initially primed the two south end outer boards for the ex-GWR van, before giving
further top coats to the boards for the two sides.

Richard began measuring up for the north end.

Stu worked on the replacement steps at the north and south ends of SK 25451, initially drilling out the rusted bolt in one of the metal brackets. The rusty brackets were then wire brushed and coated in oxide. Once dry the new steps were bolted on and everything given a fresh coating of gloss black.
Dennis coated the brackets for 25451's tables with silver Hammerite, and then proceeded to give the second side of the shelves for the station bookcase a coat of undercoat brown.

Meanwhile Bob worked on the bookcase, initially giving it a light sanding before adding its first coat of GW Brown.
The initial coating of oxide inside Buggy was completed by Malcolm (Baker), who then coated the heavy base beams at both ends in undercoat Dark Grey. Do we paint these in black or red? Malcolm Walker wants black, but Stu reckons red would look good. Watch this space!

Ainsley worked on the front of the last of the four Buggy doors, initially filling where needed and then greying up.
Further progress on FO 3132 with a final greying up of the Cotswold side now underway.

Hard work has its rewards as Bob samples another slice of Louise Clark's wonderful Victoria sponge. Sorry "Wednesdays" - being somewhat nice, there wasn't much chance of any surviving to the next day!
Nothing better than a quiet rest under a shady tree. Very grateful thanks go to Chez who very kindly bought us all bottles of ice-cold water from the Coffee Pot.

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