Saturday, 30 July 2016

Thursday -

With a large attendance today there was a lot of action around the works.

Bob Keyte was continuing the varnishing on the 25451 table.

Richard Hoy started on the green undercoat for the rail car and was joined by Pete Lucas to complete the job. Dave chipped in by painting the bottom end plates black.

The major task for the interior team today was removal and trial sanding of the window trim wood sections from 4614. These were are heavily painted. The question is can we reasonably sand and revarnish them? They also tidied up all the seat side panels. They can be sorted out by the upholstery team at their leisure.

The other part of the team continued sanding panels from 3132

and fitting new wood window trims to FO 3132. Theye also fitted the lamp mount panels that were available.
Ken returned to checking out and re connecting the communication chord system rods that connect across the carriage. If the alignment is out the rodding becomes stiff and doesn't operate effectively.

Steve returned to do some more work on the Led lights.
As I spent a large part of the day refitting the original capping strip to one of the doors on 3132 I didn't get round to taking a lot of pictures. So the fact that we did a complete survey of 4614 and agreed which windows and window frames will be removed for repairs and refitting. There was aminor shunt of the TPO carriage out of the barn and the placement of 4 externally owned bogies ready for collection as they depart the railway.
We also had a another special visit today. This time by Margaret Care and her family as they came in to dedicate a seat in memory of Grenville a long time volunteer in the department..
The seat will be part of the departments viewing area at the end of the barn.

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