Saturday, 9 July 2016

Thursday - Preparations

Report by Dave Clark

During the day, Phil fired up the 03 shunter and pulled out TSO 4772, and of course this provided further testing of the repaired vacuum pipe and the braking action of the coach. John Hamer noticed that the brakes at the south end were not coming off as expected, indicating that the vacuum cylinder at that end isn't functioning properly. So it will be back in the Barn on Saturday for a change of cylinder.

Later in the day John was cleaning up the interior section of the bogie currently undergoing maintenance.

Also out in the Barn, Malcolm Dickson is cleaning and priming more of the roof on TSO 4614.

Dennis gives our two benches their annual re-coating in Teak Oil.

In the Paintshop progress on the ex-GWR van is very good. While Richard Stone adds wood primer to more of the boarding, Richard Hoy undercoats in dark grey previously primed boards.

During the afternoon the ordered roof canvas arrived.

Still more to do on the north end of Malcolm's Buggy with Alan adding more filler. It shouldn't be too much longer before this aspect is completed.

Robin was back to sanding down interior panels from FO 3132.

While Tony was back inside 3132 sanding down the fixed panelling and Paul was sorting more bits out in the south compartment..

First job of the day in the Paintshop was Michael blacking up some spare pieces of corridor connection which will be added to our store in the Workshop. He followed this up with the extended wooden sections for the north end connection on FO 3132.

Tony Baker and Bob Slater were busy cleaning up the compartment heating controls from SK 25451,

A close up of one of the controls with the old flaking paint being carefully removed by Bob

Earlier in the day, putting up the luggage racks in 25451 was a joint job as the bolts go right through the compartment walls. So while Roger was locating the bolts in one compartment,

Tony was waiting for them to emerge into the next compartment.

The Indoor Gang did some brilliant work, in effect just about completing the fitting out of the eight compartment, bar the light bulbs and the heater controls.

Finally Roger cleared up everything in the corridor and the three vestibules in preparation for the laying of the new lino next week.

The new bookcase for the station booking hall was primed ready for undercoating in brown, leaving the pile of shelving still to do.

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