Friday, 1 July 2016

Thursday - Getting there

Report by Dave Clark

Another good day with 16 in with some more very good progress, especially with FO 3132..

Cheryl started her day top coating the new door for Toddington signal box.

The new undercoated skirting boards for SK 25451 were being black glossed by Michael.

Robin gave the wooden heater unit pieces from FO 3132 their final coat of varnish.

Later on in the Workshop he carefully sanded down a number of the wall panels from 3132 to remove the old varnish..

We have at last completed the filling/sanding/greying-up process on the Malvern side of FO 3132. Richard removes the latest dust prior to patch painting the remaining areas of sanded filler - he was later joined by Bob Keyte. This just leaves the north end door area and south end panel, both awaiting completion of the door frames.

Attention moved to the Cotswold side, with Dave Hancox doing some final filling and sanding. He was later joined by Richard, Bob and myself. This too is now just about ready for the final greying-up.

Also in the Workshop John Varley was repairing the second of the two look-outs (known as duckets) from the LMS Guards Van.

In the Barn Ken was doing battle with the somewhat stubborn section of corroded end panelling on 4614. This will clear the way for the Cotswold side crash pillar repairs.
On board SK 25451, Tony was reinstating the corridor hand rails.

Later, both he (sharing a joke with me) and Roger were putting back the beading at the top of the reinstated seat backs.

Ron cleaned more of the luggage racks before storing them in the compartments ready for mounting.

Jeff was busy completing the painting on the recently fitted electrical connections and the chequer plate in both corridor ends. (he snuck in again Alex!)

Alan Baugh added further filler to the north half of Malcolm's buggy, before greying this up.

The little vehicle is at last beginning to look whole again.

Finally, with the steam leak repaired, RBr 1675 was moved to the front of the Third Rake. The steam heating can then be tested during the next Silver Fire and Drive day as these now use the Third Rake and start from Winchcombe.


Anonymous said...

Great work as always; you might know but it looks like the RBR needs wearplate attention considering you've popped it into a rake...

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

It's only there for a steam test the rake is not operational. We can't test it without a steam loco

Anonymous said...

Thanks; so many railways run around with half of the plates missing or none at all, I know your standards are fairly high so wanted to put it out there incase it was an oversight.