Friday, 15 July 2016

Thursday - C&W rowing team

Venturing out from our usual gym work and in light of the expected rain we went for our own boat race crew today. Now we never rush such changes so we started by practicing the bit where you hold the boat over your head. It calls for the sort of team work we are good at.

All together lift.
and the luggage rack was off and over our heads in no time. This was repeat for both side of the carriage. Yes we know they come apart to shorter sections but why bother, its much more fun this way.

With the luggage racks off the coxed 4 started removing the top section of panelling ready for sanding and re varnishing. Much of it was actually already sanded by the end of the day. With the luggage racks off it will also be easier to clean the ceiling.

Another 'pair' were busy cutting a thread on the end of the water pipe for the south water tank connections
which later in the day were fully fitted and just need painting. 

Rob Webb and his son completed laying the new floor in in 25451. So now its the toilets to fit and the compartment doors to re hang.
It would have been a great day had we not hit the metaphorical rock and sunk late on. With the corridor connection woods back in place on the north end Ken and I decide to go for the rehanging of the connection itself.
Normally we can do this in about half an hour these days but not this time. First off one of the arms that are inserted deep into sole bar mounts moved the spring it passed through out of positon. Once out of position you really need to get at it from above. So we had to lift the floor Steve had fitted so well last week-end, sorry Steve, and reposition the spring.
Having done that we tried again. While we could get one arm to locate the other refused to slot into place.
Shove, heave, delicately manoeuvre, it made no difference it wouldn't go in.
So we started over, removed both arms and got the other arm in first.  Guess what straight in but could we get the second one in as well could we? ....NO.
So finally we went home and left to the Saturday gang.
I have to confess I was also beaten by the challenge of getting Kayaks and Canadian canoes into the blog despite scratching my 'Skull' for awhile.

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