Friday, 22 July 2016

Thursday - OOPS

Well very nearly no picture for all todays effort. Dave an I both arrived late as there was a departmental management meeting in the evening. It was only late in the afternoon that we realised neither of us had taken any.

That is with the exception of this one, the most important one of the day.
Phil being presented with his 25 years service award by Glyn Cornish Chairman of the railways trust. This was doubly special as it was the second time in the day Phil had been certified. Earlier he passed his diesel shunter driving test again. Its an every two year thing. Congratulation Phil on both counts.

Completion of SK 25451 is nearing with Bob applying the final cat of varnish to much of the corridor.
Still to do is the water tank, (if only we could remember if we tested it earlier) and refitting of the north end vestibule ceiling and the refitting of the toilets and plumbing. We are asking the maintenance team to look at many aspects of this as they have been modifying the plumbing on the running rakes.
Some the table edges also got a coat of varnish as well.
Roger was sealing round the inside of the windows, so they are now ready for their final coat of varnish as well.

Most of the interior team have moved on the FO 3132 where new wood sections are being made to go under many of the windows.

Richard has obtained some new table lights to be fitted in the carriage. They require a new mounting point. The interior team were also checking the fitting of the new wood sections. Eddie created these yesterday.

They were also working on the start of the strip out of 4614. Ron repairing a small shelf from one of the toilets. In front of him is a bundle of trim strips that have already been removed bundled and labelled.
Richard Stone was also in earlier in the day painting up more of the walling panels for the box van.

He also added up the number nuts and bolts he will need to fit them all. Well have you ever wondered or tried to count them?
We need to order in 500!


St Blazey 1925 said...

The coaching stock is coming along nicely (as always); and the GWR ventilated van too. Your team always seem to pull the rabbit out of the hat ! Congratulations to you all. Regards, Paul.

Anonymous said...

Given the state of the doors on 4614, are new door skin pressings available commercially if you wanted to completely replace them?

Keep up the good work.

Paul K

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

In a word NO. We did contemplate getting a press tool made but it was prohibitively expensive. We have a former made by John Osborn which he used to use to panel beat the window cut out shape, before shoulder problems prevented him continuing with it. We are looking at passing on the skills. We have some spares but don't want to use them all on 1 carriage.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the extra information regarding the wheels and doors.


Paul K