Saturday, 9 July 2016

Saturday - Not filling the vacuum.

As predicted 4772 was brought back into the barn for a replacement vacuum cylinder to be fitted.  This was handy as it provided something useful for Ian to supervise while doing his 'Shunter' practical test. He passed. Well done Ian.

He then helped John Hamer change the cylinder. The existing cylinder is leaking off (loosing vacuum) rather to quickly.

Flushed with success they also did the same job to the first of the cylinders on 4614. The 2 removed cylinders will now be overhauled.

Another continuation from Thursday was done by Tony who cleaned up more of the heater controls (and fitted them?)

while yet another continuation was done by Phil Jones who carried on the priming of the Winchcombe Station book case

He also started the undercoating.

Richard is making great progress with the Goods (Skeleton) van with assistance from Eddie and Dave Ward who keep him supplied with planking sections. Here Richard measures up for another one.

He has already painted the out side of the panels (which currently face inwards).

I was diverted from drilling out the hinge bolts on door 5 of 4614, (so that we can remove the metal door skin for repairs), by Steve Barnfield. Steve was setting out the floor supports for the north end vestibule of 3132 and needed 10 holes drilled to bolt the framework down. Now drilling 10 holes might sound easy but it was through 1/4 inch plate steel. So it took a while.

By the time I had the holes drilled Steve had cut the floor plate out and duly fitted it.

James continued the repairs to the south end of 4614 welding in 2 new sections of steel today.

A question has been asked about how long we expect the repairs to last.

The welders reckon THEY will never have to repeat these repairs. Well the originals lasted about 50-60 years.
The filling and paint work is another matter. We currently have no running shed to keep the rolling stock out of the weather when not in use. All the heritage railways agree it is a very desirable addition to the infrastructure. With out it, repaints are usually in 6-8 years. Something we have to factor in when considering our forward plans.

We are currently doing a lot of repairs as above. Some of these are to carriages new to us that have never been dealt with since leaving BR. Other have been repaired before but not to the higher standards we achieve today with the facilities and the expertise we now have.

Having moved the forgotten 4th door for the Rail Car along the workshop to be with the others, Ainsley set about cleaning it up ready for painting. He had spent most of the day working on the interior of the north end of the Rail Car.

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