Sunday, 24 July 2016

Saturday - Good and not so good

Report by Dave Clark          

24 in today. Lots of things happening, including more shunting. FK 13326, with its new wheelset, was returned to the Maroon Rake. More preparations were made inside the Third Rake for the summer Diesel Gala next weekend.

Of high importance was the training session for seven of us to become Fire Safety officers for the Works. In charge was Phil Harbron, Head of the Railway's Fire Safety Unit. The classroom session was followed by a walkabout through the entire Works, assessing the risks and looking at what is in place in all areas.

This was followed by a practical session in the use of the various types of fire extinguisher, before a final wrap-up session back in the Mess Room.

With the training completed I was able to get about and get some photos. The first to be "bagged" was John Squires fixing the first of two leaks discovered in the new north end pipework on SK 25451 when the water tank was tested. Both leaks were quickly sorted out.

Sadly though, not for the water tank which was found to leak. This was, so we thought, a "belt-and-braces" check because, with 25451 having been in for so long, we couldn't remember whether we had definitely done this. We nearly always test a tank at the beginning of a refurbishment in case it has to come out, hence the recent check with TSO 4614. During the day Phil, Ian and Andy Thompson located the toilets and hand basins for the two toilet compartments.

With exams over and school now broken up, Alex was back with us. His first job was to complete the varnishing in the south corridor and vestibule of 25451, leaving just the insides of the windows. Just look at that gleam with three coats of best quality varnish.

The next job was to second top coat the station bookcase, and give a first top coat to the shelves alongside.

Inside the south vestibule of FO 3132 Steve put down the new flooring, and then proceeded to fix wood batons to the metal frame for securing the veneer panelling when that is ready.

At the north end Andy Turner attached the heavy rubber bellows to the corridor connection U frame. There are 13 nuts and bolts visible - the total for the whole U section is well over double this amount.
On the Malvern side George still found more windows to sort out. Covering that chewed-up window rubber has greatly improved the appearance of the windows, though it looks as though he has also found something to improve on the panelling alongside.

In the Barn James was adding more plating to the south end of TSO 4614.

Back to the Workshop to find John Hamer rebuilding a steam hose.
Inside the Buggy, Paul Ellis completed the initial undercoating on the ceiling and then moved on to the sides with undercoat Cream.

Ansley tidied up the face of one of the Buggy doors and then applied dark grey undercoat. The final top coat will be green the same as the DMU.

Inside the Upholstery shop, Jenny and Penny are completing the re-covering of one of the seat backs from TSO 4614.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Is there any truth in that there are going to be 'speed whiskers' on the ends of the buggy, also to match the DMU paintwork ?

Alex said...

Despite my best efforts in persuading; no :( Yellow warning panel instead

St Blazey 1925 said...

Yellow warning panel it is then. Anything is better than the old Swiss red, I suppose. Do we get a cab view video when it is finished please? ( along with associated bumps and lurches of course). Enjoying these blogs. Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

I keep making the suggestion that it should be used for ride for a fiver during the Gala doing trips to the railhead from Toddington!