Sunday, 3 July 2016

Saturday - Fix it

With the knowledge that a problem awaited us today in the shape of TSO 4772 I rather wondered who would be investigating the problem and sorting a solution. As it was the there really was only one solution in the short term. Weld up the holes in the vacuum pipe.

It was evident that had already been used as a solution in the passed for this section of pipe. Looking at the pipe it is an almost impossible section of pipe to replace without dismantling a lot of the end vestibule floor to get at it. John Squires did a lot of cleaning up of the area while James got the welding kit out.
The pipe duly repaired. As you can see the leak is right at the point where the pipe passes through the carriage sole bar.

While the carriage was in the opportunity was also taken to look at a steam leak that we were also aware of. This was thought to be on a joint where we had previously renewed pipe work. It wasn't. It was right next to the joint in the old pipe work so James had a little more welding to do.
After which Kevin and Ken tightened up the mount bolts and joints.

Kevin then moved on to preparing the metal work on the end of TSO4614 ready for James to weld in new metal. The job he was expecting to start the day with.
It was clearly a day for sitting down on the job as John welded up the remaining panel work on the rail car. There is only  a fairly small section above the windows left to do. 
Pam was preparing the |J section for the corridor connection ready for more welding. Which she then had to do herself! Didn't see that one coming. It was not her first lesson but its not many. We are always willing to train other where possible. 
George has moved on to work on the end s of FO3132. The sides have been deemed complete. Hurrah!!!

Internally Richard was fitting the new glass panel in the centre vestibule. 
while Steve, having completed the kick board skirting to SK 25451, started on making a new floor for the north end of FO3132. 
The work on 25451 is nearing completion with John Hill and Myself fitting the last of the seat backs today and getting a another 2 luggage racks mounted.
Paul completed the prep work on the ceiling of the Rail Car 
and Derek made some more progress on the Brake van. He has now measured up for Eddie to sort out the new panelling for the internal walls. 
What a pleasant place for lunch at the end of the C&W works.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Will the brake van be finished in LMS as opposed the (now) rather boring BR livery? Worked with these vans when stationed at Stourbridge Junction as Guard and we all got rather fed up with the bauxite colour scheme.

Richard said...

Yes, it will be LMS grey this time.

St Blazey 1925 said...

Thanks. Always interested in anything either Victorian or pre nationalisation. Regards, Paul.