Saturday, 30 July 2016

Thursday -

With a large attendance today there was a lot of action around the works.

Bob Keyte was continuing the varnishing on the 25451 table.

Richard Hoy started on the green undercoat for the rail car and was joined by Pete Lucas to complete the job. Dave chipped in by painting the bottom end plates black.

The major task for the interior team today was removal and trial sanding of the window trim wood sections from 4614. These were are heavily painted. The question is can we reasonably sand and revarnish them? They also tidied up all the seat side panels. They can be sorted out by the upholstery team at their leisure.

The other part of the team continued sanding panels from 3132

and fitting new wood window trims to FO 3132. Theye also fitted the lamp mount panels that were available.
Ken returned to checking out and re connecting the communication chord system rods that connect across the carriage. If the alignment is out the rodding becomes stiff and doesn't operate effectively.

Steve returned to do some more work on the Led lights.
As I spent a large part of the day refitting the original capping strip to one of the doors on 3132 I didn't get round to taking a lot of pictures. So the fact that we did a complete survey of 4614 and agreed which windows and window frames will be removed for repairs and refitting. There was aminor shunt of the TPO carriage out of the barn and the placement of 4 externally owned bogies ready for collection as they depart the railway.
We also had a another special visit today. This time by Margaret Care and her family as they came in to dedicate a seat in memory of Grenville a long time volunteer in the department..
The seat will be part of the departments viewing area at the end of the barn.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Wednesday - Just Checking!

We had a special visitor today when Margaret brought her dad Tony Sedon into C&W for a birthday treat, it being his 88th Birthday. Happy Birthday Tony.

Just checking to make sure the painting is still up to scratch. He like many was surprised at how much we have moved forward since his last visit. There was no paintshop in his days with the department as head painter.

Mike rejoined us after a short brake and started on bolting the south end corridor connection back onto 3132. 45 nuts and bolts from memory.
Also back with us today was having had a knee replacement was Martin. He got stuck into some varnishing of the edges on the tables for 25451.

It was all moved round on the jack road with one of the traveling post office vans in for a bogie swap before it moves on to pastures new.
with the van moved it revealed a sight not seen for a while. How old are the trees, 15 years perhaps?.

It also shows the sorry state of the 'GWR B set' carriage. This is an externally owned vehicle and one that doesn't fit our carriage profile so won't be restored by use.

Something also out of the usual , the rail car, that is being restored by us got a lot of attention again today with the ceiling on it second coat of undercoat. Covering the red oxide in white takes more than one coat!

The front grill was also progressed to its final colour of black by Trevor. 

That all done we moved on to sanding more of the internal panelling from 3132.

painting with preservative the mount boards for the swan neck light that will be fitted to the F) 3132. A count will show 12 of them, shucks we need 14. A little miscount so 2 more will be made next week.
When looking at the roof repairs needed Ken found that the end of the gutter was a rather poor botch repair not the original heavy duty aluminium guttering. A search of spares found none. So he 'borrowed' one from one of the other unrestored carriages in the yard. We will have think on how we replace it later. We have one for this carriage in the mean time!
Steve who has designed a replacement strip light using leds light up the first of the new lights we will be using them in the FO and the RBr in due course. The joy of these is that Steve can set the light level as required rather than it being 'as supplied' along with a much lower power consumption.

Mike continued the rehanging of door 1 on the FO. we had to rebuild the hinge side pillar so getting the hinge mounts back in the correct place takes some precision.

With Ken having finished on this corner of the FO Rod was able to do more of the undercoating.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Tuesday - Three shades of grey

Report by Dave Clark

Another busy day with 9 of us in. There was a small bout of shunting, but otherwise Phil Salter was busy looking at the electrics in RBR 1675 which had been causing problems when the vehicle was last in use. Much of the day was spent with painting activities, including more varnishing of the corridor in SK 25451.

Enjoying the open air were Maurice and myself giving the Discovery coach a good clean and polish ready for the Diesel Gala this coming weekend.

Giving the bulk of the Cotswold side of FO 3132 its final greying up were Cheryl and Richard Hoy. This just leaves the areas around the south and north end doors which still require further work.

There was quite a concentration on the Buggy again. Ainsley employs the new Workshop vac to clean of remaining bits and dust off one of the doors.

Keith stands back having just completed the undercoating on his door, while Ainsley in the background finishes his.

Stu carefully applies fibre filler to the area under the roof where the rust holes had been. These had previously been secured inside with metal plating welded on by Nick last week.

Stu later gets cracking on undercoating the main bodywork,
while inside Malcolm is well on the way to completing the cream undercoating.

while inside Malcolm is well on the way to completing the cream undercoating.

A final shot at the end of the day with the Buggy steadily transforming into a solid looking vehicle again, and the job board all written up for the Wednesday gang.

The third shade of grey, this time the lovely dark GWR Grey for goods vehicles. Richard Stone carefully sands down more of the boarding for the former GWR van prior to adding further top coat.

Keith completed the top coating of the shelving for the Booking Hall bookcase. This is now ready to be taken up to the station.

Maurice and I clearing up the remains of the fire used on Saturday for our Fire Safety training.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Saturday - Good and not so good

Report by Dave Clark          

24 in today. Lots of things happening, including more shunting. FK 13326, with its new wheelset, was returned to the Maroon Rake. More preparations were made inside the Third Rake for the summer Diesel Gala next weekend.

Of high importance was the training session for seven of us to become Fire Safety officers for the Works. In charge was Phil Harbron, Head of the Railway's Fire Safety Unit. The classroom session was followed by a walkabout through the entire Works, assessing the risks and looking at what is in place in all areas.

This was followed by a practical session in the use of the various types of fire extinguisher, before a final wrap-up session back in the Mess Room.

With the training completed I was able to get about and get some photos. The first to be "bagged" was John Squires fixing the first of two leaks discovered in the new north end pipework on SK 25451 when the water tank was tested. Both leaks were quickly sorted out.

Sadly though, not for the water tank which was found to leak. This was, so we thought, a "belt-and-braces" check because, with 25451 having been in for so long, we couldn't remember whether we had definitely done this. We nearly always test a tank at the beginning of a refurbishment in case it has to come out, hence the recent check with TSO 4614. During the day Phil, Ian and Andy Thompson located the toilets and hand basins for the two toilet compartments.

With exams over and school now broken up, Alex was back with us. His first job was to complete the varnishing in the south corridor and vestibule of 25451, leaving just the insides of the windows. Just look at that gleam with three coats of best quality varnish.

The next job was to second top coat the station bookcase, and give a first top coat to the shelves alongside.

Inside the south vestibule of FO 3132 Steve put down the new flooring, and then proceeded to fix wood batons to the metal frame for securing the veneer panelling when that is ready.

At the north end Andy Turner attached the heavy rubber bellows to the corridor connection U frame. There are 13 nuts and bolts visible - the total for the whole U section is well over double this amount.
On the Malvern side George still found more windows to sort out. Covering that chewed-up window rubber has greatly improved the appearance of the windows, though it looks as though he has also found something to improve on the panelling alongside.

In the Barn James was adding more plating to the south end of TSO 4614.

Back to the Workshop to find John Hamer rebuilding a steam hose.
Inside the Buggy, Paul Ellis completed the initial undercoating on the ceiling and then moved on to the sides with undercoat Cream.

Ansley tidied up the face of one of the Buggy doors and then applied dark grey undercoat. The final top coat will be green the same as the DMU.

Inside the Upholstery shop, Jenny and Penny are completing the re-covering of one of the seat backs from TSO 4614.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Thursday - OOPS

Well very nearly no picture for all todays effort. Dave an I both arrived late as there was a departmental management meeting in the evening. It was only late in the afternoon that we realised neither of us had taken any.

That is with the exception of this one, the most important one of the day.
Phil being presented with his 25 years service award by Glyn Cornish Chairman of the railways trust. This was doubly special as it was the second time in the day Phil had been certified. Earlier he passed his diesel shunter driving test again. Its an every two year thing. Congratulation Phil on both counts.

Completion of SK 25451 is nearing with Bob applying the final cat of varnish to much of the corridor.
Still to do is the water tank, (if only we could remember if we tested it earlier) and refitting of the north end vestibule ceiling and the refitting of the toilets and plumbing. We are asking the maintenance team to look at many aspects of this as they have been modifying the plumbing on the running rakes.
Some the table edges also got a coat of varnish as well.
Roger was sealing round the inside of the windows, so they are now ready for their final coat of varnish as well.

Most of the interior team have moved on the FO 3132 where new wood sections are being made to go under many of the windows.

Richard has obtained some new table lights to be fitted in the carriage. They require a new mounting point. The interior team were also checking the fitting of the new wood sections. Eddie created these yesterday.

They were also working on the start of the strip out of 4614. Ron repairing a small shelf from one of the toilets. In front of him is a bundle of trim strips that have already been removed bundled and labelled.
Richard Stone was also in earlier in the day painting up more of the walling panels for the box van.

He also added up the number nuts and bolts he will need to fit them all. Well have you ever wondered or tried to count them?
We need to order in 500!