Friday, 17 June 2016

Wednesday - door focus

With 2 heading off on holidays it was good to have Paul back today. He was soon back into action do the restoration of door 6 from the FO3132.

Mike moved onto restore door 1 from the carriage

having hung door 3 back on with assistance from Ken and Craig. We don't do them in any particular order. It tends to be a question of which door comes off first for some other reason.
It the workshop Rod continued the clean up and regreasing of the door rollers for the rail car.
Its always nice to have a specialist on hand. Its part of the wonder of volunteering in the department you never seem to have to look very far for someone who was involved with what ever as part of their career.

While we are on doors Colin was making more progress on the Toddington Signal Box door.

and repairing a couple of chairs from the RBr. The chairs all clamped up and glued with new sections of wood in place.

The selected 8 tops for the tables to go into 25451 have now all been cleaned up
and Maurice started on the associated legs

we have also put together a box of mounts and various other associated bits to fir the tables with.

Another case of find the expert. Steve, who happens to be a retired professor of electrical engineering is make us some led 'strip' lights to replace the fluorescent ones in FO 3132. The test strip which we have already seen looks great, you can't tell its LED in use and it draw so much less current from the batteries. The completed units all fit back in the original housings so there will be no discernible difference.

Chris completed the painting of the heater grills doing the 4 south end compartments. Note the more relaxed approach than Dave used yesterday.
Chris who only joined us recently had his new overalls so we made sure they went home suitable dirty. Well done Chris.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

I remember the chairs as in your picture when I travelled to Bournemouth for a short break and went via London from the Midlands for a change of scenery, (free travel + any route working for BR). The electrics (Third rail) from Waterloo at the time being heritage stock, had the buffet as the only available smoking carriage!, and after purchasing something to eat sat down for the ride. The sets seemed to travel at speeds approaching 90mph, and afore mentioned chairs left the floor on the one side when hurtling around bends! Also the temperature was quite high and the top slice of buttered bread flowed off the top of the sandwich! No air con. then!! Regards and great work guys, Paul in St Blazey.