Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Wednesday - Wandering

Having done an initial check round to see that everyone was happy and had something interesting to do. I borrowed the pick up truck and headed off to the stockist for another cylinder of argon for the mig welders. At the rate we are getting through it anyone would think we were doing a load of welding.
Nick started on the corner of the rail car

added the large square replacement panel and no that's not duct tape holding it in place. Where the railcar had 'buffered up to a carriage' at sometime in the past the metal had stretched so a selection of well placed cuts enabled the Nick to pull the metal flat again

I cut out the post bent frame work on the other side and cut a replacement piece but time didn't permit to get it fitted in place. That was mainly due to discussions on how to deal with a series of rust holes above the windows.
 The basic solution was to cut a bend a narrow strip of metal and weld it along the inside putting some strength back into the side panel The exterior can now be filled and painted.

The next and main job of the day was to re weld the axle box guides in place The two for the Malvern side waiting to be positioned

here. while the two on the otherside of the bogie positioned yesterday were welding in place

After which they were position and welded in . Job done. Oh so we are doing a lot of welding!

In the paintshop Richard was busy painting the interior face of the framework on the skeleton van and later doing some more work on the wooden bars for the roof mounts.

Beavering away in the paintshop were Ainsley Des and Trevor varnishing the rest of the compartment panelling

while Maurice was painting up the corridor connection woods for one end of  FO 3132.

Somehow I missed the action in the woodwork shop today but Clive made more progress with the new door for Toddington signal box.

whil, having run out of varnishing to do Ainsley and Trevor stripped the paint of a sample pair of the tables from TSO 4614. This is a test to see how the edges come up. Just to confuse every one the tables, if the come up well, will actually go into SK 25451! They are actually SK table and not TSO ones anyway.

John Hill was making another of the arm rests for the rail car while Penny was cutting out seat side panels. Which way up is that pattern?

Earlier in the day it was the more usual seat recovering!

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Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

I am really looking forward to another visit to see first hand the amount of work being done. It's all the hard work behind the scenes that never seems to get noticed so this blog is good to see. Keep up the good work, hopefuly see you all soon.