Friday, 3 June 2016

Wednesday - Now where were we

Getting back to the routine or at least trying too happens for each group. Today there was a bit of  now where we and what do we do next.

So working round the vehicles in the workshops

25451 in the paintshop
The lining out is almost complete.
The corridor panelling is varnished with just the north end one vestibule still to do.
The 5 of the 8 compartments are panelled
The toilets are walled but not equipped.
The electrical connections on the ends need fitting.

So today Ainsley and Russ and later Rod did some more of the lining out

while Des and Trevor were staining panelling in the compartments.

The Skeleton Van framework is all painted and the floor has started to be fitted. More battens being preserved and positioned.

The Rail Car in the workshop
this has been stripped down and various sections cut out for repairs, a lot of preparation work has been carried out ready for painting.
The doors have been removed and serviced. They await reconstruction a little bit of spot welding welding is required for this.

To day some more of the electrics were being sorted out by Ian from S&T.

With the exception of the north Malvern corner the welding is complete
All the windows are back in except one and a lot of painting prep work done
Today Des and Trevor started on the interior by having a big clean up and hoover round. Over the week-end John Hamer also managed to locate a diffuser for the carriage. Thus we were able to test out Steve' Smiths LED light properly.

Craig was starting the process of making a door liner to set the door lock at the correct angle.
while in the woodwork shop Eddie was cutting new corridor connection woods and roof sections for the Skeleton van

and Dave was profiling those that needed it.

In the Barn 4614 is lifted off its bogies for some work on the bogies to be undertaken.
We have done an initial assessment and all 4 corners need the usual end repairs
Most of the doors door frames need a lot of work.
The Cotswold side will need a lot of attention.
Half the seats have been removed and are being repaired.
The upholstery team again in full flow

Richard was checking out brakes on one of the bogies

and John Hamer was busy on a bogie for 3132

Brake Van
This has had the rotten exterior wood removed and the canvass roof.
Various sections have been identified for welding.

We also had a delivery of steel for the welders. here moved into the workshop and awaiting storage in the correct rack.

After a review with Richard today we expect 25451 to be completed in the next 4-6 weeks but as 3132 still has a lot of interior work to do we are planning of bringing another carriage into the paintshop for a PAINT ONLY visit, about 6 weeks which will give time for 3132 to be ready for the paintshop itself.

Colin was also busy in the woodwork shop here sharping his chisel before setting about the Toddington Signal box door.

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