Thursday, 23 June 2016

Wednesday - carving out some progress.

Today started with the assault course to enter C&W. Building services are working on blocked surface water drain and one of the covers apparently is out side our entrance door. Its been buried for some time and as it has a hole in the top pf the cover has gradually filled with ash and gravel etc.

Dave Ward selecting another large plank of timber evidence of a considerable amount of new wood sections being made for the various carriages. and construction of the Toddington door was also completed.

We did manage to retrieve 13 of 14 wood sections for 3132 on Tuesday; the 14 one being broken. So Eddie made a new one. Rod in the meantime had set about sanding down the rest. This technique does have the advantage that most of the dust goes straight in the dustbin!

We are getting very close to completing all the filling and sanding on the Malvern side of 3132. Of course you can always manage to find some more to do. Trevor giving it another grey coat over this window.
Des moved his attention to the north end now the welding is complete.

Having moved the seats for 25451 out of the upholstery shop storage area they were able to move things round and reorganise the completed seats for 4614. John and Penny lining up the seat bases only 8 to do! So they did set about fitting a couple more of the seat backs into 25451. We now have 4 of the 16 fitted.

Dave was still working away on stripping the old moquette and any thing else that was not reusable. In the bin it goes.

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