Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Tuesday - Seats and more seats

Report by Dave Clark

15 in today and certainly one of the best so far for a Tuesday attendance, especially when considering that several Tuesday regulars weren't in.

Now who's this sat in the GWR van - a new volunteer to help Richard Stone?

Richard was in a little later today, but was soon battling with an awkward bit of corroded metal on one of the north end vents. The new van roof looks really splendid from this angle. Richard was later measuring this in preparation for ordering the canvas cover.

Adrian spent his day on a number of items on the Paintshop trestles. The long internal ceiling section from TSO 4614 was sanded down ready for undercoat. The repaired chair from RBr 1672 and wooden heater unit pieces from FO 3132 had a second coat of varnish, the table legs for SK 25451 were given a second coat of black gloss, and the extensions to the corridor connection supports, also for 3132, were undercoated in dark grey.

The remaining seat backs and some more seat cushions for SK 25451 were brought in from their storage in BG 81039 in the Third Rake. Dennis and Richard move steadily along the corridor of 25451 with one of the heavy backs. Once all the seating is in the new lino can be laid in the corridor and vestibules.

The remaining seats backs for TSO 4614 were brought in to the Upholstery shop ready for the team to sort out. After this I guess it will be new side panels for the coach, though some may be recoverable.

Both Vivian and Dave were battling a somewhat awkward seat cover to unpick.

Penny was also in, stapling another side panel for SK 25451.

Yes, the filling, sanding and greying up of the Malvern side of FO 3132 really will be completed soon - promise! Today the group comprised Cheryl, John Hughes, Richard Hoy and Ainsley.


and Keith filled and sanded down the two buggy doors that had been cleaned and greyed-up on Saturday, while I sanded and greyed-up the third door. More progress was made with the Cotswold side and south corner of the buggy with John Hughes and I greying those up.

Dennis cleaned out the top door runners before applying a new layer of grease.

The lower runners are not in a good state with rust aplenty, but these too were cleaned up and coated in oxide. Dennis then went on to repair the entrance on the Cotswold side, north end.

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