Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Tuesday - A Moving Day

It was undoubtedly a moving day . First with the rest of the seats for 25451. These we moved down from the upholstery storage rack to the paintshop ready for fitting. It took three trips to complete the job.Welcome to Bob steering the trolley on his first day with the department.
Richard was in measuring up for the final section of roof planking. We will now be renaming the Skeleton van to the Veranda Car. 
A nice low side and some settees, could sell well at a gala, the upmarket version of a guard's van ride!

Dave continued the restoration of the Rail car filling the south corner on the Cotswold side.

In 3132 Tony started on sanding down the panelling fro re varnishing. He had previously helped Richard make a template for a new pane of glass for this internal partition window.

External Ainsley was continuing with the filling over the windows.

The major move of the day was of course yet another shunt. The net result of which appart from moving bogies around was the transfer of 4614 to the barn road and the arrival of the RBr 1675 onto the jack road.

We are working on the south end, the end inside the barn, of the 4614 and will start looking at pipe work issues under the RBr.

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