Thursday, 16 June 2016

Tuesday - Details

Progress on the carriages we are restoring at the moment has reach a point where we are focused on details. Some details are large some small.

The largest detail today and one that has occupied me for a couple of days is 'where is the content of CK7221?' You could say we have lost the seats corridor doors all 8 of them and everything else that fits inside a carriage. Not easy but we have done it. Back in about June 2012 we had started work on stripping the carriage for restoration and moved the said content to an adjacent goods van for storage.

Then the new workshop extension became a possibility and the area needed clearing so the 2 vehicles were moved and were over time separated. The trouble is no one, we asked, could remember which goods van it was. We searched several vans no luck. This is where the blog archive of picture became really useful

or not. Several pictures of the carriage with the van just out of shot to the right.

 Finally I found these, well they were the best I could find
.....that were relevant
So it was a GW grey van but which one, one with a tare weight of 6-17 (extreem left)
from such small clues a check in the rolling stock wagon section revealed
which is currently in the freight train. A trip down the yard and bingo it is the right one. Now we have to organise s shunt to get it back near the workshop to recover the content. A really useful blog.

So back to the main activity of the day and the detailed finishing of SK 25451. Having done a tidy up inside Dave set about painting the heater grills under the seats silver. Well they will be under when we refit the seats! He completed the 4 north end compartments.

Still subject to sanding a filling but we are getting down to the blemishes rather than great islands that need repair.

Rail Car.
The doors are finally being put back together ready for painting The inside faces have been well treated for rust prevention.
  and the south end is prep is close to being ready for paint. Well apart from some holes to be dealt with.

Always the same meticulous preparation work.

I spent much of the day cutting out the south end of the carriage ready for repairs. The detail? Well how about ensuring the crash pillars actually reached the sole plate that they are supposed to be joined too. The first one didn't. (the green bar, top centre, and the vertical bar to its left should both reach the base plate. The rusted and now removed sections are on the right.)

We have removed 8 of the tables from 4614 and started restoring the edges which had been painted.   When restored they will go into SK 25451. They are actually SK tables and not TSO one anyway.

The upholstery team are well advanced with the seats for the south end.

Skeleton Van (just)

Richard was fixing the rest of the roof bars today ready to start cladding very soon.

and then, more of the unnoticed detail. The end arch rails which Richard got painted. These fit over the ends of the roof planking when its fitted to hold it all in place. We don't want them blowing off at the reckless 25MPH that we travel at do we!

Wow! am I glad I did the search early today! The second cloud burst of the day. Not long ones but you wouldn't want to be out in them. There was also glorious sunshine between and after them.

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