Friday, 10 June 2016

Thursday - Step by step planning sort of.

Another day another set of skills.

This makes each day interesting but planning very difficult. You have to think, what do we need to get done today ready for tomorrows team to have something to do

or if we start this today when will it get finished?

So yesterday Nick welded up the axlebox guides, so that today John Hamer could install the wheelset
and start on cleaning up and checking out the springs in the bogie. Of course John had previously set up the axlebox guides ready for Nick to come in.

John Varley completed the welding of the Rail Car door panels. So someone can start preparing the doors ready for painting.

Yesterday Maurice painted the end woods, today Ken started the fitting process.

The interior team were spread far and wide round the workshop sanding and repairing a few remaining sections of wood trim for 25451. A window side section here
 a bottom rail there

any corner will do. Like so many things when you take it apart its amazing how much space is needed.

Varish removal
section by section then new varnish or stain.

There was one lone but happy painter this morning. Jeff doing the lettering on the makers plate. The little touches that make a difference.

There were some distractions to the day a delivery of 26 sheets of ply panelling all off loaded by hand. Its always rather amusing to see the drivers face when you say there is no fork lift to do the off load. However, it never takes long many hands make light work it was about 20 hands (10 volunteers) who had a disrupted tea beak this morning.

There was also a pre-arranged visit by the Dursley U3A a group of about 30 visitors. Dave and I did the honours of showing them round.

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Alex said...

"There was one lone but happy painter this morning. Jeff doing the lettering on the makers plate."

Damn! :-)