Thursday, 23 June 2016

Thursday - The steam leaks challenge

Its not just locos that suffer from stem leaks where you don't want them. The first job to be done of the RBr 1675 which has now come into the barn was to raise it up on the jacks and attend to the known steam heating pipe leak. When John cut out the bad section of pipe we found this. No wonder the steam was escaping. The other section was in no better condition.
Cutting the old pipe work out was the easy bit and John Hamer and Ken were engaged all day in endeavouring to get anew section of pipe in. It has to go up in there. Its the small pipe centre right and it goes through the hole to join up with the other good section of pipe. Easy no when you are trying to cut anew thread on the two ends of the pipe.
Imaging holding a very heavy ratchet socket drive over your head and only getting one click of the ratchet for every swing of the handle. (and they couldn't always get one click! They were almost there but battle will resume on Saturday.

Rather easier was the filling and sanding by Maurice on the Rail Car.

Dave Hancox had moved onto greying up the south end.

John Varley cut shaped and welded in a new section of steel for the Guards Van.

Bob and later Dave Clark were finding and dealing with the final bits of filling on the Malvern side of 3132.

Phil returned today and connected up the electrics and tested all the bulbs on 25451.

while inside Ron was putting back the ceiling air vents. The only trouble is they looked grey beside the newly painted ceiling. Nothing for it but to paint the vents as well. 2 per compartment 8 compartments only another 15 to go Ron! The interior team completed the re trimming of the compartments today thanks to Pat making a replacement for the final missing section of trim. Just the corridors and toilets to go.

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