Friday, 3 June 2016

Thursday - Mainly 25451

Report by Dave Clark

Some final clearing up after the Gala, with Neil returning the LNWR and Gunpowder vans to Platform 2 Bay. On the way a quick stopover to enable the metal stakes and orange fencing, that was used to box-in the Pasty van, to be reloaded.

The Indoor Gang were back and busy doing all things "25451". Tony Baker and Pat were refixing more of the internal window frames in the compartments, while Bob Keyte (not pictured) wire-wooled all the varnished panelling in the compartments ready for a further coating.

In the Cotswold side toilet compartment Roger was putting back the toilet - a fiddly job in the cramped space.

In the opposite compartment Alan was reinstating more of the panel beading.

Later on Roger was back on internal window frame sections, here repairing one with some wood filler.

His final job for the day was priming some new ceiling panels for the north end vestibule and toilet compartments.

 In the Woodwork shop another ceiling panel is being repaired by Steve.

Robin was adding more varnish to the line of compartment doors. I caught him on an upstroke of the brush just in case you think he's varnishing the Paintshop wall! Also on this side, but not pictured, Cheryl worked on some of the remaining lining out, which is now not far from completion.

More progress on FO 3132, with Dave Hancox initially removing the very sticky mastic around the Malvern side/south end window. He later sanded down the grey paint where needed and added more filler.

Robin primed the heavy wood pieces for the base of the north end corridor connection. Also not pictured, the coach end was being prepared by Ken for the base pieces with the retaining bolts inset into the metal frame.

"Malcolm's Buggy" also received a lot of attention, initially with Malcolm Dickson adding the first coat of Flint Grey to the roof.

Looking through the south end windows (with the roller shutter reflection in the glass), Neil sorts out the electrics, detaching what is no longer required, while Bob Keyte tapes up the seat back rests in preparation for painting once all the sanding down has been completed.

Following the removal of the unwanted lights at the south end by Neil, Malcolm rivets newly cut squares of sheet metal over the holes.

I spent the latter part of the day de-rusting and priming inside the north end.

In the Barn John Hamer was working on the current bogie under overhaul. Here he is using callipers to check the space between the pedestal liners in one of the horn blocks.

You never go hungry in the Mess Room, especially on a Thursday! Cream tea (yes, scones, jam and cream), cappuccino doughnuts, Bob K's custard tarts, and numerous other goodies ensure that the weight piles on - all very nice though!

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Barry said...

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my visit to the Carriage & Wagon workshop on my visit to the Swindon 175 Gala last weekend. Following a rather negative start to the day, due to some uncalled for and brusque comments at Toddington, I think it would be fair to say that coming in to the workshop and being able to see in person the work which I have been following on the blog was the highlight of the day. Having recently been looking at O gauge wagons and questioning the brake linkage detail, I was delighted to have the chassis of the covered van to be able to inspect it in great detail! I took several photographs which are if great benefit in understanding what goes where and why. I also enjoyed a friendly chat with one of the volunteers, whose name escapes me, about aspects of the work. May I extend my thanks to the C & W department both for an interesting visit and a continually informative blog.