Saturday, 25 June 2016

Saturday - Pick a seat

With it being the Thomas week-end
a number of our department were out helping on the trains today so numbers were low. However, much progress was still made.

Several were working on the rail car with Ken re riveting a section of the north end. He and John Hamer had already won Steam leak battle from Thursday by lengthening the thread on existing pipe

After the riveting was complete  James set about removing and re-welding the Malvern side dent.

Dave was giving the carriage a thorough rub down

while John wasn't interrupting him. John is taking on organising our fire marshals and trying to organise the training. John also welded an additional section of Z bar into 3132

Alan sanded down a couple of the doors from the rail car and then gave them a coat of grey undercoat.

Richard was creating a template to make up the section of wood over the doors. this has to fit over several rivet heads so a template was the easy way to determine their locations.

he was later assisted by Steve in fixing the final sections of the roof timber. Its now ready for the canvas covering to go on.

While Dave and Penny (happy birthday)  Dron continued the overhaul of seat from 4614

John and Jenny, with a little assistance from Dave and myself, installed 5 seat backs. We would have done more but realised the other 5 were travelling up and down the line in the brake van on the third rake. Mobile storage is all very well but it doesn't always work the way you want it too!

With things being reinstalled in 3132 it was time for Paul to set about washing the light fittings

and shades. Its never just one, its an entire crate. I was similarly dusting off the luggage racks.
Steve was also fitting out final trim round door 3 at the south end.
 So this is how if feels to be under a cloud. Better get back in the cab before it rains lads!

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