Monday, 13 June 2016

Saturday - Noticable changes.

Some times you look round  and think what progress have we made today. Other times its obvious.

Today it was obvious.

25451 didn't change significantly externally although Alex was touching up the lining out in various places. Internally it was another matter.

After reorganising the wood panelling delivered during the week some of the sheets were cut up by Eddie and Steve to complete the compartment panelling.

We loaded 4 of the seat backs into the carriage and prepared them for fitting. We held off actually fitting them until Dave had varnished the last sections of panelling in the compartments.

Ken and Steve also located a set of mount brackets to fit the tables we have selected for the carriage.

The Skeleton Van. 
Another very noticeable change. More of the wood delivery became the flooring of the van. Eddie cutting and Richard giving all a coat of protective sealant.

He also did a final fit much of the roof support timbers.

Rail Car.
Paul was doing great work on the ceiling of the rail car. and I refitted the internal panelling to two of the doors.

While externally John Osborn fitted a new main strut to the north Malvern corner and straightened some of the internal metal work.

Working from the south end John Squires and Andy were fitting the water filler pipes to the this end. Having here put a new thread on the end of the pipe.
One side connect the other prepared. 

George was continuing with the, hopefully, final round of filling and rubbing down along the Malvern side while Craig got the lock plate on door 4 correctly positioned and the door shutting well. We do still need to fit a new wood door liner though. With it in place John Osborn managed to reach into the confined space in the frame work with the welding torch to make the nets captive.

At the north end James completed the welding of the corner. A new area for filling and sanding!

4614 In the Barn work on preparing the south end for welding took a big leap forward with first Ian removing the panelling from inside the vestibule and then with Steve removing the floor. From here its only a short walk to the skip.

Oops should have mentioned to Dave the skip is looking full again.

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