Monday, 20 June 2016

Saturday - Ghost town

Report by Dave Clark

From a quieter Thursday to a very quiet Saturday with more of our regulars away and walking through the Workshop with hardly anyone about, it was very like a "ghost town". We did however have another very pleasant group visit around the Works with 20 members of the South Wales branch of the RCTS.

It was good to see Phil Salter back on a visit, here in conversation with Eddie, Paul and John Hamer.

With Richard Stone supporting the steps, Steve rebuilds the roof of the ex-GWR van. With the covering now going on, I guess we should drop the "skeleton van" nickname.

The Upholstery team were up to full strength and doing a number of different tasks. Jenny and John Hill were busy reinstating seat backs 

 and side panels in the four north end compartments in SK 25451
The end result in one of the compartments.

In the corridor a line of completed side panels await fitting.

Dave Dron worked on another seat from TSO 4614, sewing on an old seat cover to act as extra padding to the spring frame. The pile of refurbished seats for 4614 is now quite considerable.

Jenny and John had also made up a new seat side panel for one of the Third rake coaches - compare the old with the new!

In the Woodwork shop Eddie repairs a broken base section of internal window frame.

At the other end of the Workshop Andy Turner and John Hill were cutting a new thread on some replacement tank filler pipe for FO 3132.
Later on they were fitting the pipe to the carriage roof.
Work to clear and tidy up the stripped-out interior of 3132 continues. Richard Johnson passes down another full bin of rubbish to Kevin.

Paul was also clearing up with the new large and powerful vacuum cleaner which we have bought with the donation given to us by Margaret Care in memory of Grenville.

To secure the table legs in SK 25451 we need eight little brackets. Pam initially cleans up the rough edges of the cut out pieces of metal strip.

With the cleaning up completed she marked the locations for the screws and then, with each bracket held securely in a heavy clamp, drills the necessary holes.

After more greying-up on Thursday, more filler was added to the Malvern side and south end of the Rail Car and then back to more sanding.

Finally, our programme of bogie maintenance continues. Another one has been set up with two wheelsets that have tyres in need of re-profiling. The chalk zigzag on the near wheel indicates an identified flat spot.


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