Friday, 3 June 2016

Tuesday - The gala's over

Report by Dave Clark

Just 5 in today, but hardly surprising as quite a number of C&W were involved with the running of the Gala on all three days. A treat for those in today was to see "P & O" running on the service train.

However, firstly a big Thank You to all our blog readers who visited C&W during the Gala and said how much they enjoyed reading it, including one from Sussex who said he would love to work with us if he didn't live so far away. Following on from Peter's comment, several said they didn't mind the inevitable repetition that would happen over time throughout the reports, so Thank You again for your very kind comments.

First job of the day was dismantling the signs, removing the tape and pulling up the poles. Thankfully the weather was dry though threatening while I was busy with this. Later in the day the heavens opened!

Richard Stone was back with the "Skeleton Van", laying out the underfloor spars. This is a temporary measure to enable the rough boarding to be put down and provide a safe working platform inside the van.

Using one of the spars as a guide and firmly clamped down, Richard cuts the boarding to size.

In the Workshop, Malcolm Baker and I continued the sanding and cleaning up on "Malcolm's Buggy". This seems to be a somewhat endless job with little visible progress but as more oxide and undercoat goes on we will feel we are really getting somewhere.

Dave Dron was back to stripping another seat back from TSO 4614. He was later joined by wife Penny who had been elsewhere in the morning.

My work on the buggy didn't last long as a problem had been reported with the toilet compartment door on FK 13329 in the service train. This resulted in me ending up at Toddington at the end of the day to do the job, by which time it was pouring. Visiting 9F 92214 has already been put on the trailer ready for return to the GCR. Weren't we lucky with the weather for the three days of the Gala!

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