Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Wednesday - Woodwork and welding

In gloomy conditions 16 volunteers signed in today. The day was predominantly woodwork and welding with a few other bits thrown in. It was so gloomy we actually had to turn the lights on in the paintshop, Its often bright enough that we don't.

Colin definitely appreciated the extra light as he was fitting new fire doors to the paintshop entrance.

 These have vision panels (glass) so we won't clatter whoever stand s behind them. This is fairly common because as soon as people enter the paintshop they tend to stop dead and look around.
Another unusual bit of carpentry today was Eddie construction a new bookshelf for Winchcombe station entrance hall.
Eddie also produced a set of skirting boards for SK 25451. These were primed and undercoated.

More of the unexpected. The Toddington Signal box door now painted in undercoat brown ... and upside down. I did think about turn the picture upside down to see if anybody noticed.

While we are on doors Paul and Mike were progressing the last 2 doors for FO3132. Yep this is door 6. The north end Cotswold side door. 
Having a quiet day in upholstery Dave Dron stripped three more seat backs and a base from TSO 4614. All stacked up ready for recovering. I fitted 3 of the remaining 4 seatbacks back into 25451.

Nick started the day with a bit more work on the rail car finishing the north corner. There is still a bit to do in the end panel

but he switched to the more important south end of TSO 4614 once I had completed cutting out the end body side 
The welder seemed brighter than usual.  a it was very gloomy in the barn and this is a section oh heavy weld so the power was turned up a bit more than usual. (great care was taken by me NOT to be personally in eyesight line of the welding!!

Job done, with two new sections of crash pillar in place and a new section of base plate and Z section on the corner. This now ready for the end panelling to be welded back in at the week-end.
Thomas, with his blindfold on, was getting ready for a mystery tour to his next engagement.

In the centre vestibule of FO 3132 Tony Barnard continued the removal of the old varnish. Treavor was doing the same to some of the interior panelling sections.

All the removed section were carefully labelled and stored on the new storage racks.
Final documentation of the doors on 25451 was carried out by Derrick before he removed all the hinge bolts from door 5 of TSO 4614.

Ken removed the door and started stripping it down. This along with most of the other doors from the carriage will need quite a lot of welding repairs.
We did suffer a vacuum pipe failure on the running rake today with the maroon set being put into service instead. Ken went to investigate the situation at Toddington but it was more serious than any quick repair could deal with so the carriage will have to come out of service for a full repair to be carried out.
We do very much more thorough repairs these days. When I cut out the corner of 4614 I found this repair to the panel.
Yes that really is the bottom of a Diet Coke can backing the fiberglass filler.
The day stamp was still on the bottom use by May 2013 I guess someone did. The owner can reclaim the remains of the can from C&W, we won't be reusing it.

Tuesday - Seats and more seats

Report by Dave Clark

15 in today and certainly one of the best so far for a Tuesday attendance, especially when considering that several Tuesday regulars weren't in.

Now who's this sat in the GWR van - a new volunteer to help Richard Stone?

Richard was in a little later today, but was soon battling with an awkward bit of corroded metal on one of the north end vents. The new van roof looks really splendid from this angle. Richard was later measuring this in preparation for ordering the canvas cover.

Adrian spent his day on a number of items on the Paintshop trestles. The long internal ceiling section from TSO 4614 was sanded down ready for undercoat. The repaired chair from RBr 1672 and wooden heater unit pieces from FO 3132 had a second coat of varnish, the table legs for SK 25451 were given a second coat of black gloss, and the extensions to the corridor connection supports, also for 3132, were undercoated in dark grey.

The remaining seat backs and some more seat cushions for SK 25451 were brought in from their storage in BG 81039 in the Third Rake. Dennis and Richard move steadily along the corridor of 25451 with one of the heavy backs. Once all the seating is in the new lino can be laid in the corridor and vestibules.

The remaining seats backs for TSO 4614 were brought in to the Upholstery shop ready for the team to sort out. After this I guess it will be new side panels for the coach, though some may be recoverable.

Both Vivian and Dave were battling a somewhat awkward seat cover to unpick.

Penny was also in, stapling another side panel for SK 25451.

Yes, the filling, sanding and greying up of the Malvern side of FO 3132 really will be completed soon - promise! Today the group comprised Cheryl, John Hughes, Richard Hoy and Ainsley.


and Keith filled and sanded down the two buggy doors that had been cleaned and greyed-up on Saturday, while I sanded and greyed-up the third door. More progress was made with the Cotswold side and south corner of the buggy with John Hughes and I greying those up.

Dennis cleaned out the top door runners before applying a new layer of grease.

The lower runners are not in a good state with rust aplenty, but these too were cleaned up and coated in oxide. Dennis then went on to repair the entrance on the Cotswold side, north end.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Saturday - Pick a seat

With it being the Thomas week-end
a number of our department were out helping on the trains today so numbers were low. However, much progress was still made.

Several were working on the rail car with Ken re riveting a section of the north end. He and John Hamer had already won Steam leak battle from Thursday by lengthening the thread on existing pipe

After the riveting was complete  James set about removing and re-welding the Malvern side dent.

Dave was giving the carriage a thorough rub down

while John wasn't interrupting him. John is taking on organising our fire marshals and trying to organise the training. John also welded an additional section of Z bar into 3132

Alan sanded down a couple of the doors from the rail car and then gave them a coat of grey undercoat.

Richard was creating a template to make up the section of wood over the doors. this has to fit over several rivet heads so a template was the easy way to determine their locations.

he was later assisted by Steve in fixing the final sections of the roof timber. Its now ready for the canvas covering to go on.

While Dave and Penny (happy birthday)  Dron continued the overhaul of seat from 4614

John and Jenny, with a little assistance from Dave and myself, installed 5 seat backs. We would have done more but realised the other 5 were travelling up and down the line in the brake van on the third rake. Mobile storage is all very well but it doesn't always work the way you want it too!

With things being reinstalled in 3132 it was time for Paul to set about washing the light fittings

and shades. Its never just one, its an entire crate. I was similarly dusting off the luggage racks.
Steve was also fitting out final trim round door 3 at the south end.
 So this is how if feels to be under a cloud. Better get back in the cab before it rains lads!

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Thursday - The steam leaks challenge

Its not just locos that suffer from stem leaks where you don't want them. The first job to be done of the RBr 1675 which has now come into the barn was to raise it up on the jacks and attend to the known steam heating pipe leak. When John cut out the bad section of pipe we found this. No wonder the steam was escaping. The other section was in no better condition.
Cutting the old pipe work out was the easy bit and John Hamer and Ken were engaged all day in endeavouring to get anew section of pipe in. It has to go up in there. Its the small pipe centre right and it goes through the hole to join up with the other good section of pipe. Easy no when you are trying to cut anew thread on the two ends of the pipe.
Imaging holding a very heavy ratchet socket drive over your head and only getting one click of the ratchet for every swing of the handle. (and they couldn't always get one click! They were almost there but battle will resume on Saturday.

Rather easier was the filling and sanding by Maurice on the Rail Car.

Dave Hancox had moved onto greying up the south end.

John Varley cut shaped and welded in a new section of steel for the Guards Van.

Bob and later Dave Clark were finding and dealing with the final bits of filling on the Malvern side of 3132.

Phil returned today and connected up the electrics and tested all the bulbs on 25451.

while inside Ron was putting back the ceiling air vents. The only trouble is they looked grey beside the newly painted ceiling. Nothing for it but to paint the vents as well. 2 per compartment 8 compartments only another 15 to go Ron! The interior team completed the re trimming of the compartments today thanks to Pat making a replacement for the final missing section of trim. Just the corridors and toilets to go.