Friday, 13 May 2016

Wednesday - Whisper

There are several possible titles for the blog
- Whisper
- Women
- Wood
- Weld
- Windows
- Workings
and its always an issue of what sequence to put things in when writing the blog so today I will break the blog up to the various headings

- Whisper
I spent the morning with Mike Thorne from Acoustic Associates of Worcestershire, a noise assessment specialist, going through all the C&W workshops checking on the noise levels of all our equipment.

Rather more tools than expected, especially in the wood work shop. So I had to leave the team to get on with things which of course is no problem at all.  Eddie with Mike working their way round the various machines.
So far from whispering it was how much noise do we make? We carefully avoided measuring in the noisiest place, the mess room!

- Women or Ladies
Ironically on Ladies Day at the railway I missed getting to the upholstery shop in time to picture Penny and Sandra doing their stuff on the seats for 4614. Sorry!

- Wood
while doing the noise tests Colin and Eddie had the opportunity to cut several sections of timber for the new signal box door and Toddington.

Mike continued with the fitting of door panelling. The problem wit the aluminium doors is that the securing screws for the panelling often break so they have to be drilled out and the hole retaped.

Other wood sections were being painted yest the loo mount plates

Maurice and Russ did various bits of varnishing and rubbing down including the trim strips for the light fittings being varnished (third coat)

while Rod was staining the door panels on 25451.

- Weld
Nick set about the rebuilding of the door pillars for door 1 of 3132 cutting and positioning the main Z section.
Ken made from scratch a new loo outlet pipe. Just the top flange to go.

before moving to higher things, namely the restoration of the corridor connection covers.
- Windows
Tony started on the refitting of the window sliders for 3132. This one was easy as the window is yet to be put back in the carriage.

- Other Workings
Davy and Chris got together and having carefully removed the lining out tape from 25451 they lightly sanded the panelling inside under Eddies guidance.
It wasn't a Wonderful Weather day as the first train materialised out of the mist

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