Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Wednesday - What a difference a day makes!

Yesterday was sunny today! Well changeable, it varied between clear to throwing it down as here. No we left the wheel set in the puddle; we are not ducks.

Otherwise today was very much door oriented. With Des having started with the wire wool

  and Davey working their way along both sides of the corridor staining and varnishing counting the doors off to convince themselves they were making progress. With the varnishing it can be hard to see you are making progress.

Trevor who I think had also being contributing to the above efforts switching to sanding a door finger pull amongst other bits all for 25451
Derrick was cleaning the old grease and dirt from the channel in door bolts and between to coils of the springs etc.


Nick competed the pillar repairs to both end corridor connection entrances on 3132 before replacing rotten section of the buggy door frames that Chris and I spent much of the day cutting out and preparing (so busy doing it I never took a picture. I'll try and remember tomorrow!)

Just a coat of red oxide to finish it of ready for the painters.

Towards the end of the day Rod applied an undercoat to the lining out strip. This section was undercoated before the tape went on so it had a madder undercoat rather than the usual grey. The yellow line doesn't tend to cover the dark madder very well. So Rod applied an undercoat first.

Yes it is a door all be it in kit form. Colin progressed the new Toddington signal box door today.
 who again managed to avoid my camera today although we did have a discussion out the seats for the Inspection buggy.

Getting away from doors Dave Ward was cutting out seat trims for 4614 on behalf of the upholstery team

John Hamer with a convenient seat to make a close inspection of the axle on a spare wheel set.

He was also working with Ken on removal of more pedestal liners.

The re wiring of the jacks, by external contractors, to an overhead electrical supply is progressing well

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