Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Wednesday - power shortage (Updated)

 Fortunately it was my camera not the workshop that had little to no power today. So sorry not many pictures from me today.

(However, Rod Wells has sent me some pictures that he took to fill the blanks -Thanks \Rod)

The upholstery team had a good day completing a couple of seat bases and backs. They also had a call from the train that a spring was sticking through the moquette. They collected the seat from the train as it passed Winchcombe heading for Cheltenham. Brought it back to the workshop, fixed it and returned it the train as it returned in the opposite direction. A quick response or what!! Well done John, Penny and Dave.

Chris Eldridge joined us today for the first time, he has already been out with the first aid and fire squad, welcome. He took up the corridor door sanding challenge from Tony and completed the final door for 25451. It is now ready to pass into the paintshop for varnishing.

It was a big day for varnishing with Des and Rod working along the corridor on a first coat of varnishing. Eddie was checking out and dealing with one spot that wasn't the correct colour. Russ and Trevor had finished the remaining sections of top coat on 25451. I think this gets the whole carriage up to the same place in terms of full coats. Although I'm not sure if that is first or second top coat.
Colin completed his set of light fitting covers which Russ set about varnishing with Maurice. The trio also made and varnished a set of what look like giant match sticks. They are in fact the trim strips to hold the glass in the light fittings. Here Maurice was preparing the 'drying rack' they did the varnishing in the sunshine. Well why not.
Russ preparing the varnish

and the results hanging out to dry

ON this FO 3132 there were steps forward, backward and sideways today. Moving forward Nick completed the Z section pillar replacement on door opening 4 and did the plating over the side as well. It now over to the door team to fit the wood door pillar section and lock plate. Something that Craig started to look at today.
Backwards was how it felt when we did further investigation of the door 1 opening. The Z section on both sides of the door are bad with the hinge side being worst.

A long sideways look and a look from every other angle resulted in the conclusion something was rotten much closer to home than Denmark, namely the adjacent corner of the carriage. The curve wasn't right.

Having set to and removed the remains, such as they were, of the Z section door pillar it became obvious that the corner was in fact a very buckled section of metal covered with lashings of fibre glass filling. Something for John Osborn to ponder on Saturday.

Trevor (in the background of the above picture. He changed position while Nick did the welding) and Davey cleaned the surplus mastic from round the windows recently reinstalled in the FO 3132 before start in some filler

In the woodwork shop Eddie and Dave Ward were cutting panelling section for the upholstery team.
While Mike did some tidying up on a door for 3132.

On his way home Rod checking in on Toddington. Oh My!

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