Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Wednesday another surprise (updated)

What a day. Getting to and home from Winchcombe was quiet an achievement. I joined a big traffic jam, well for Cirencester it was big, and then closed roads, different ones, going both ways.

So by the time I arrived the wire wool rub down of the varnished sections of SK 25451 was all ready well advanced  and by lunch time Des, Ainsley and Trevor had done just about all they could.

So after lunch Des

and Trevor switch their efforts to FO3132 in thee workshop. Sanding down some rough spots cleaning off the paint work and putting a coat of grey on some areas. We will be able to see just what is still needed to be done when its dry.

Nick also changed jobs after lunch. In the morning he did some work on the rail car (Buggy by its proper name) straighting out the bent frame cutting out the bottom corner and starting on the corner.

The change was to get both top corners of the FO north end re plated.

While we are on changing jobs; John Hill was on his own in the upholstery shop today so had a go a remaking one of the drivers seats for the rail car.

Craig back was starting work on the new door pillar liner for door 4 of the FO 3132. This is a trial wedge section to get the lock plate at the right angle. Tolerances of a couple of millimetres are called for.

The other long shot, even in the workshop from a go vantage point I can't get the carriage in. Scaffold towers get in the way from a low angle. The missing window is the last one remaining to be put back. We have to straighten the frame which has a twist in it first.

Rod, who just happens to have worked in bearing technology and design was intrigued by the rollers on the Rail car doors and soon achieved what others hadn't. Namely removing the covers from the bearing. He duly cleaned up the bearings and re-greased the set on the first door.

There were a number of different things going on today. The rewiring of the jacks was completed early afternoon just in time for the Lifting equipment inspector to arrive. He had already been to check out P'Way department's equipment and done much of ours. The lifting strops, bottle jacks pump trolleys etc.

All of this was to the background music of Ken on pneumatic drill chiseling out the floor to extend the ducting for the water pipe in the barn.

The channel cut, the pipe he was using for the duct proved to be just a bit long. The first job for tomorrow.

Just for Dave to show that he's not the only one who empties the bins. Colin and Eddie dealing with the ones from the woodwork shop.

During the day work was completely halted when word reached Winchcombe that 'Foremarke Hall' and 'Erlestock Manor', visiting for the gala were departing Toddington double heading the lunch time train.
 Got them both in the picture on the return trip.
I did resist a picture of Alex riding the train. I think he was supposed to be revising for exams. Riding up and down on the train is a different way to do it. However, the study seemed to entail a lot of looking out of the window.


Alex said...

I don't know what you mean! :D I was revising, and was actually reasonably productive! Got bored of being stuck in the house, and thought yesterday might be an interesting day loco wise. Certainly a nice way to spend a day, and given I actually got stuff done hopefully I'll be able to do it again soon.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Didn't realise you were studying photograghy Alex. That's a nice set of picture you took.

Alex said...