Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Tuesday - A nice surprise

We were asked via a comment about pictures of the whole carriages being restored rather than the more usual close ups. Here are some and the problems of getting them!

Report by Dave Clark

The usual Tuesday number in with the expected concentration on SK 25451, the "Skeleton" Van and Malcom's Buggy.

That is all except for one. Vivian found that there was nothing she could do in the Upholstery workshop, so she donned her FOWS hat and had a nice day tending the station garden borders, and with the lovely weather, what better place to be! (many of the departments volunteers also work in other departments as well).

There was plenty of lining out on SK 25451, with Adrian, Stu and Cheryl on the Malvern side and Richard Hoy on the Cotswold side. We will leave further painting of these for a few days now to allow the paint to harden.

Here you can see the problem of trying to get a whole vehicle picture. The paintshop just isn't wide enough for the camera's/phone's we use.

More initial top coating was done on the "Skeleton" van by Richard Stone, who was later joined by Phil Hooton. It shouldn't be long now before the timber and boarding can be cut to size, treated with preservative, and made ready for painting and fixing.
The vans and wagons will fit in the frame

Prep work continued on Malcolm's buggy with Malcolm Baker sanding down inside,

and Alan sanding and treating with red oxide the Cotswold side north doorway. Alan later did more of both on the north end.

Upholstery had yet another seat frame from TSO 4614 that needed cleaning up. Keith removes the two wood blocks (which clamp the seat in place within the seating unit), prior to cleaning up the rusting metal and then completely coating it in red oxide.

With the Steam Gala looming and C&W open for public viewing on all three days, it was time to begin tidying up. What better way to start than bin emptying!

I'm usually last out, what with clearing up and writing up a jobs-to-do list for the next day. As I was later leaving, my extra efforts were well rewarded as gleaming "Foremarke Hall" passed by on a trial run to Cheltenham following it's "heavy-general" refurb. S&T on their return to the yard had mentioned that the Hall had been test running between Toddington and Laverton earlier in the day.


Mike slipper said...

I noticed on my most recent visit with family that you have a long line of coaching stock at Winchcombe. Are they likely to enter the works.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

In a word Yes.

The carriages on the Malvern side of the track (other side of the track to the carriage works)are the third rake several of which have been in recently.

The ones on the works side are all required check out the rolling stock pages for the nearest thing we have to a schedule of work. Its basically a wish list.

It still takes us around a year for a full rebuild/restore of a carriage. So for the RBr which is currently on the out end of the line work will have to start soon for it to be ready for the Broadway opening!