Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Tuesday - The archaeology continues

 Report by Dave Clark

A very pleasant day with Summer at last on its way and lunch on the platform while enjoying the sun. We had 9 in attendance.

Tony continues doing a brilliant job of sanding down and cleaning up the doors the compartment doors from SK 25451, and then vacuuming out the insides once the findings have been removed.

This "archaeology" continued with yet more tickets from as early as 1991 when we ran to Gretton Fields and later Gotherington,

 as well as another early Santa Special ticket, timetable and child's drawing. One wonders what we might find in the compartment doors of our other corridor coaches. 

With the new corridor panelling going in, Steve requested that we get the skirting sanded and glossed black. Ainsley set to and had completed the job by lunchtime.

A two-in-one photo of Richard Hoy completing a bit of extra filling and sanding at the north end of 25451, while in the foreground Richard Stone continued adding dark grey undercoat to the frame on the "skeleton van". With all the cleaning up completed, the van was pushed into the Paintshop first thing.

Now that all the internal sanding down has been completed we can get back to exterior painting. After lightly keying the existing top coat on the Malvern side of 25451 Cheryl begins adding the second top coat.

This section of the Malvern side still needed madder undercoat which Richard Hoy applied. Richard, later joined by Ainsley, then added an initial top coat on the doors and sections of the bodywork still in undercoat.

Richard completed his day by adding an initial coat of varnish to one of the newly sanded compartment doors.

Richard Johnson was also in today, working on the bogie currently being refurbished in the Barn. One of the essential jobs is to ensure that the brake clasps swing freely to ensure that the brake blocks make correct contact with the tyres. This involves dismantling, cleaning and oiling the individual parts of each clasp.

In the Upholstery shop, John Hughes and Dave Dron were working on more seats from TSO 4614.

John is completing the strip-down of a seat cushion, while Dave is stapling new canvas onto a rebuilt seat back.

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