Friday, 13 May 2016

Thursday - shunting back on

The shunt delayed from Saturday was reorganised for today with Neil Carr driving the shunter for us. Thanks Neil.

The shunt had some modified goals the fist unchanged objective was to get the little Baguley-Drewy maintenance vehicle into the main workshop. Fortunately both our main workshops can accommodate a carriage and wagon or in this case the maintenance vehicle. The next job was to switch the north end bogie from under 3132 before bringing it back into the workshop.

The revised objective was to clear the jack road for rewiring work on the jacks to be carried out next week. This was also completed with the guards van moving to the other barn road and 7221 returning to the yard.

With the Baguley in place it was soon being investigated, well its something different to work on and 3132 was still out in the barn at the time. An assessment concluded the 4 doors all need attention along with the lights and north end panelling Otherwise its pretty much a clean up and repaint.

Dave Hancox started on cleaning and rubbing down the old paintwork while Malcolm did the roof

To Ron's amusement Dave's Clark and Hancox and I started investigating the removal of the doors. How do you open the doors?


Hit it with a sledge hammer (gently!!!!!)
and don't drop it!

(thanks to Ron for the 3 pictures above)
Ron had a front line seat for the entertainment as he was busy sanding further sections of window trim for 25451

Success. It was soon on the workbench and being attended too.
 We have accumulated several larger section of metal work in the workshop over the last few months. As there was an opportunity to move things around while the shunt progressed we moved the 2 water tank carrier frames into the boiler van which allowed John Varley to return to the restoration of the second gas tank carrier. There was some straightening out to be done, more action for the big hammer

before welding in a new section

Undisturbed by the shunt work on 35451 in the paintshop continued with remove of more masking tape

painting of the fiddly bits on the end by Pete

interior panelling. A new section of wall fitted and painted Here Roger finishing the painting.

More sections of window framing were sanded ready for varnishing.

The final move of the shunt was bring a replacement wheel set into the barn for fitting to 3132 bogie while it is out from under the carriage.

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