Friday, 6 May 2016

Thursday - Not so many in.

Report by Dave Clark

A relatively quiet day with some of our regulars away. The trains were quiet too - it was the first day of Thursday running for this year.

Richard Stone was adding more dark grey undercoat to the "Skeleton Van". It shouldn't be too much longer before we have to start calling the van by its proper name!

A lot of excellent progress with SK 25451's external painting today, with Ainsley joining Richard Hoy and Cheryl in adding the second top coat on the Malvern side. Cheryl completed half of the side in the morning! Richard later keyed the top coat on the Cotswold side southern half in preparation for its second coat.

Later in the day Ainsley added the first top coat to the corridor end door, which had been undercoated the day before.
The Indoor Gang were down to three today, but nevertheless hard at work with the toilet compartments at the north end of 25451. While Pat

and Alan were on the constructive side with the Malvern side compartment,

Roger was actually doing a little demolition in the Cotswold side compartment, removing the broken under-panelling on the vestibule wall. Unfortunately the old top panelling had been glued to the under panelling and it was impossible not to damage this when the former was initially removed.

Michael varnished another of the long ceiling level strips, and then added a second top coat of gloss black to four new pieces of skirting. The latter will now be ready for Steve to attach in 25451's vestibules and corridor on Saturday.

Pic 2 - Progress on FO 3132 continues. The north end bogie will be exchanged on Saturday and refurbished. To enable this Dave Hancox removes the remaining keep plates which will enable the wheelsets to be dropped out. It is essential that the plates are removed while the weight of the coach body bears down on the bogie.

John Varley pauses to let me take the photo while welding in the pre-cut sections of sheet metal on the north end of the coach.

In the Barn Ken was working on the north end corridor connection from the coach. The nuts and bolts securing the bellows were being removed (they will be replaced with new ones if neccesary) and the holes reamed out.

With so much going on all the time it's very easy to create a jumble in the Workshop. Paul did an excellent job clearing and tidying up the vacuum cylinder area.

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