Sunday, 1 May 2016

Saturday - in and out

On Friday Stuart fitted the replacement window side trim. This has missing for a while and as it hasn't materialised. Eddie made a new one. All done, a great job.

With Saturday evening incorporating the volunteers fish ans chip special there were a few people we don't usually see on Saturday and the absence of a few we usually do.

Eddie was in as usual but this time in action. He usually comes in to discuss rather than do things on a Saturday. He tested out the colouring of the wood panels in 25451

and agreed a colour with Bob Keyte who then set about continuing the process all along the corridor.

The task was being added to by Steve who was reinstalling the panels on the window side of the corridor.

Steve had already sorted out an odd panel in the Malvern side toilet and prepared two replacement panels for some that have got wet rather to often behind the sinks. They will probably get fitted on Thursday.

With the south end toilet window of 3132 re glazed John Hawkins and I set about removing the final window to come out for welding repairs to the surrounding body side. It was defiantly a case of the instructions saying 'remove fixing screws' yeah. Another fight with a window.
Having finally succeeded in removing it we rewarded ourselves by reinstalling the toilet window.

Further along the carriage John Osborn was welding up the area under the other window in need of body side repairs.
For a bit of variety he had also done a TIG weld repair to a draw front for the Flag and Whistle. We don't usually use the TIG welder so it took longer to get it out and set up than it did to do the job!

At the north end James was carrying out more welding repairs having passed this section over to  Andy

to complete the grinding. Andy also started cutting out a suspect door pillar on the carriage.
Having done some I won't burden you with the gruesome sight. Suffice it to say it will need replacing.
Kevin saved another trip to the gym by dealing with the keep plate nuts on the north end bogie of 3132. This is in preparation for a bogie swap and overhaul. Here pulling on the long handles ratchet. (That's the medium one on the floor.)
Richard Stone and Paul were completing the dirty part of the rebuild of the Skelton Van. It is just about ready to start the painting in earnest. The van will soon move through to the paintshop.

A trip to the barn was just in time to see Bob Mac and Deryk lower to the floor the second Guard's clearway window (or what ever its technically called (Sorry Bob  you tell me I forgot).
This will allow us to properly replace the wood side of the van. There's another seat for the upholstery team to remake.

which reminded me to visit the upholstery shop. They were packing up to go home when I got there.

However, the evidence of there efforts was stacked in the storage rack corner. They didn't do them all today!


Dave said...

I think the Guards lookout window is called a ducket. Great work. Regards David

Anonymous said...

Do you have brakes fitted to your restaurant coaches?

Regards, Paul