Sunday, 29 May 2016

Saturday - gala day 1

Report by Dave Clark

A very good start to our annual steam gala, with a very busy Winchcombe station, 35006 "P&O" in the bay platform, and 92214 moving away with northbound freight train.

Pic 2 - We had a continual stream of visitors to C&W throughout the day. With work going on in the Workshop and Barn, visitors were limited to viewing both areas from behind chequer tape. Several mentioned that they regularly read and enjoyed the blog, which is very nice to know.

In the morning Ken, having completed the cementing-in of the new water pipe channel at the end of the Barn, was working under the north end of TSO 4614.

Richard Stone, having done the morning as one of the barrow crossing monitors, was back adding the first top coat to the "Skeleton" van. Paul Ellis started his day with more painting underneath the vehicle.

Paul later joined John Hawkins with more sanding down inside the S&T buggy.

John Osborn cuts out the dented metal sheeting on the Malvern side, north end, of the buggy.

Pic 2 - More seats were removed from TSO 4614 and taken to the Upholstery shop by Ian.

A busy Upholstery shop working on seats from 4614. Andy Turner, having completed a turn on the brake vans for the freight train, waits while wife Jenny packs up the sewing machine. 

John Hamer controlling the jacks. It's wonderful having the new overhard power supply  installed during the week

At the north end John Squires is preparing to fit the vacuum pipework to the communication cord equipment.

In the Paintshop, Ian is putting the cleaned-up oil pads back in the axle boxes on SK 25451.

Ken and Kevin fitting the U section of the corridor connection at the south end of FO 3132.

 And while all this was going on, the Gala continued. 9F 92214 retarts the freight from Platform 2, which included two well-filled guards vans with paying passengers.

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