Monday, 23 May 2016

Saturday - Everything 'W' almost

How to keep the blog 'fresh' is often a challenge when fundamentally we do much the same thing week in week out.  Even the carriage numbers only change occasionally.

So this week I am painting the picture by letter rather than number and the letter is 'W'

Malcolm was busy painting the replacement wheel set black ready for installation in the currently spare bogie. The bogie will be going under a carriage very soon.

Paul was doing much the same thing to the skeleton van but with the wheel set still in the frame it was rather more tricky so the axle box got painted at the same time.

Ricard was doing the same thing to the other side.

Having removed the underfloor cabling to the jacks in the barn we have redundant ducts. Not for long. Ken realised that we could run the new water pipe we want down the length of the barn through the now vacant ducts thus getting it a: out of the way b: neat and tidy c: out of the danger of freezing. So he set about routing the pipework. One of the points where a join will be needed as the duct goes through a 90 degree turn.

In the workshop John Squires was recovering some pipe connections from old and rusted pipework. The joints will re reused  on 3132 when we get to replacing the water tank feed pipes.

That pipe work can't be done until the welding on the end of 3132 is completed. James was busy on that today and by the end of the day it was almost complete with 2 top corners left to do.

James moved on to the panelling by the door 1. We as a convention number the doors anti clockwise from the North door Malvern side. No idea why its that way round or from there we just do. Having the doors numbered it does mean we know which door we are chatting about in the various e-mails that fly around between groups each week.

Not strictly welding but it will be Pam dealing with the dented north end panelling of the buggy.

Oops it just came off in my hands, honest. With it out of the way we can straighten the internal struts and re plate with a nice flat bit of steel. Interestingly from the inside, which you can see here, the curve of the buffer can be made out where the buggy buffered up to a carriage, Its not supposed to do that as it doesn't have buffers itself, hence a slightly crumpled end.
Early in the day Ken and I re-installed the last window on the Malvern side of 3132. This is a narrow vestibule window not a loo window so clear glass is ok!.

On the other side George was busy sanding round the loo window we put back last week it having since been filled.
Steve continued the trimming of the corridor panelling in 24351
 and then removed a little excess wood from the new frame work on door 4 of the carriage. This was causing the door to stick a bit when closed.
 Dave continued the sanding of the panelling in the north end vestibule of 24351. It now ready for staining and varnishing.

We have decided to replace the corridor and vestibule lino flooring in the carriage so today the old and rather brittle stuff was removed by Richard and Phil

and that's as far I could get with 'W' other than
'other work being done'

John Hamer continued the clean up and servicing of the jacks while they are being rewired. The electricians were not in today so he had a clean area to work in. The teeth of the rack get filled with muck and need regular cleaning.

as do the grooves in the door entrance plates. Inch wide strips fitted to each door entrance to finish off the flooring and prevent it all disintegrating in regular use which thankfully our carriages get with all the passengers travelling on them.


Cricha said...

Would be interesting to have an occasional overall review of your current projects showing the whole of a carriage say rather than just one corner. And while you about some photos of your recent projects - like what has happened to the blue DMU car?
Christopher Richards

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

I'll see what I can do we do get long shots of carriages occasionally particularly in the paintshop.

the blue DMU is back at Toddington. It was done because there are engine concerns about the corresponding south facing green DMU which may need some engine work sooner rather than later. the blue one would thus substitute. in its own right the blue car is waiting for its partner the strathspeys orange carriage. this is waiting an opportunity to find space in the C&W schedule. Difficult with the work required for our Mk1's for Broadway.

Thanks for your interest.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

You can always follow the link to the rolling stock pages which have finished/current pictures of most things. It is gradually still be added too.

Barry said...

As always, an interesting and informative report. I was amused to read the opening remark about 'keeping it fresh' and should like to say that I enjoy reading the C & W blog no matter how repetitive it is. It is the blog that is most often written up and, coupled with the photographs, is a fascinating insight to all the behind the scenes work that goes into providing the finished product. I shall be coming to the Gala at the weekend and, noting that the C & W department will be open for inspection, will certainly be paying a visit!