Sunday, 15 May 2016

Saturday - Another day another shunt.

With barn jack road empty for electrical work next week some though had already been given to what comes in when the work is done. An additional shunting opportunity presented itself when Richard Drewitt arrived to do some work on the boiler van.

He had a need for power to the van but it was a long way down yard. while thinking about we realised that a reorganisation of the vehicles on the road next to the barn would provide many benefits.
2 carriages were moved closer to the barn so that a power lead could be run out when needed. Another carriage not being worked on currently was moved to the back siding and the RBr 1675 was put on the outer end with a cunning plan for a steam test in the near future. The monster van was also put further down the siding providing a better view of it from passing trains.

All in all a very successful morning shunt for us although I don't think Richard got a lot done on the boiler van. He did get a couple of the water tanks loaded into the van so that measurements and location for mounting can be sorted out.

The team work continued all round the works today.

Well sort off in the case of the Skeleton van. Richard was busy painting the axle box mountings

When Andy and Ian started on overhauling 2 of them. Mind the wet paint!
The corridor of 25451 saw Steve continuing the outer wall panelling at one end

Well out of the way of Bob painting the ceiling at the other end.

The north end of 3132 had Andy (pictured here) with John Squires preparing panel sections for James to weld in place. As James was waiting Ken and I got his to assist with the re-installation of the last Malvern side passenger window.

It was all co-ordinated in the upholstery shop as usual.  Dave in the foreground doing the base covering of the seats, Penny hidden at the back sewing the top covers while John Hill and Jenny fitted another cover to a seat back.

The painters were well separated on the outside of 25451 with Martin neatly painting the black up to the Maroon vertical edges on the corners.

Having touched up three lamp units for the loco department Alex started on the lining out, testing a new tape Three reels at once! Enabling him to do the top and bottom yellow lines in one pass.

Dave is often so busy co-ordinating others he doesn't get much time to paint but today he found some time to paint as well, checking out the tops of the doors.
I had to reword this bit ,I nearly said time to paint himself but he's not the messy!

In the barn Derek removed more of the rusty old bolts from the guards van and cleaned up the remains of the old seat frame ready for restoration.

Having done the window earlier Ken returned to the manufacture of the Toilet waste connection pipes.

During the afternoon we had a productive planning meeting with Richard Summers to discuss the rerstoration of the RBr 1675. We are planning to start on it soon as its wanted in time for the Broadway opening.


Alex said...

In case anyone's interested, I didn't like the new masking tape (I believe it was from B&Q?). It can give a slightly crisper line than our usual one, but it has to be pressed down really, really hard, and even then it's sometimes not enough to stop leakage. The impossible search goes on...


Richard said...

As a result of the shunt around - and the picture at the top, does that indicate work may start on TSO 4869 at some point? I will have an ask around for a maker of good quality masking tape, we get through a fair amount of it through our Bus restoration and repaints.


The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

The picture was mid shunt. 4869 was stored close the workshop and not being worked on. We try and keep carriages that are likely to get 'some' attention close to the workshops for easy of access, power leads etc. Thus the boiler van which will be useful to us for steam testing other carriages with out the need for a loco. Also CK 7221 which we have just had some work done on and is/will be a fairly unique vehicle with its ambulance window.

Check out the Current work schedule tab to see what's where and the forward thinking.

Unknown said...

Having worked on superyachts, the masking tape of choice is blue 3M tape. It sticks well, gives a great line and is easily removable, even after being exposed to baking sun and pouring rain. JOn

Ian B said...

Don't worry, when 52029 comes in for repainting, there'll be no need for masking tape with its all over blue ;-)

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Nice try Ian. But there us a yellow panel on the front.