Sunday, 29 May 2016

Saturday - gala day 1

Report by Dave Clark

A very good start to our annual steam gala, with a very busy Winchcombe station, 35006 "P&O" in the bay platform, and 92214 moving away with northbound freight train.

Pic 2 - We had a continual stream of visitors to C&W throughout the day. With work going on in the Workshop and Barn, visitors were limited to viewing both areas from behind chequer tape. Several mentioned that they regularly read and enjoyed the blog, which is very nice to know.

In the morning Ken, having completed the cementing-in of the new water pipe channel at the end of the Barn, was working under the north end of TSO 4614.

Richard Stone, having done the morning as one of the barrow crossing monitors, was back adding the first top coat to the "Skeleton" van. Paul Ellis started his day with more painting underneath the vehicle.

Paul later joined John Hawkins with more sanding down inside the S&T buggy.

John Osborn cuts out the dented metal sheeting on the Malvern side, north end, of the buggy.

Pic 2 - More seats were removed from TSO 4614 and taken to the Upholstery shop by Ian.

A busy Upholstery shop working on seats from 4614. Andy Turner, having completed a turn on the brake vans for the freight train, waits while wife Jenny packs up the sewing machine. 

John Hamer controlling the jacks. It's wonderful having the new overhard power supply  installed during the week

At the north end John Squires is preparing to fit the vacuum pipework to the communication cord equipment.

In the Paintshop, Ian is putting the cleaned-up oil pads back in the axle boxes on SK 25451.

Ken and Kevin fitting the U section of the corridor connection at the south end of FO 3132.

 And while all this was going on, the Gala continued. 9F 92214 retarts the freight from Platform 2, which included two well-filled guards vans with paying passengers.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Thursday - Just another double header

As you will have realised the C&W workshops are in an ideal spot to watch the trains go by. The problem is at times its more interesting than doing any restoration work.

After a few problems with 'Foremarke Hall' yesterday and loads of work his morning word came down again that a double header was departing Toddington. So work pretty well ceased until it had passed. To keep this different today 'Erlestoke Manor' was on the front with 'Foremarke Hall' as the train loco.
Notice the different camera angle for a change! This was due to some minor remedial work to 2 vans being collected from Winchcombe for use at Toddington during the Gala.
Did anybody mention we are having a gala this week end? The freight set and three rakes of carriages are running and a few steam locos scattered about to pull them.
The third rake was collected during the afternoon along with the 2 vans. Here leaving the Malvern side siding at Wichcombe.
The Rail Car won't be ready for this gala but maybe it will join one soon. The crumpled north end is gradually being straightened out. The radiator cover is now off ready for Neil to start work the power unit.

The orange light, not original, has been removed by Malcolm and the hole sealed and painted.

and after some more rubbing down, here by Pete Lucas,

 a first section of grey undercoat has been applied.
Our next project was duly shunted into the barn and onto the jack road today TSO 4614.

 A 'quick' assessment of the work required identified all 6 doors and the door frames need lots of  attention. One door is ali the other 5 steel, ummm! Both ends will require the usual attention of the welders. as will the Cotswold side which is green. The side seen here, maroon, is in much better condition.
With the jack rewiring completed and recommissioned yesterday; the body was immediately raised off the bogies and Tony started removing the pipework for the long since removed air brake system.

Now I do feel I should point out at this point that Tony is a guard on First Great Western. They like to think they were first its just that we now better. So he may know about air brakes but on our railway we don't stop the trains like this.

The bogie has been wheeled out from under the carriage and Tony is 'activating' the brake mechanism while others out of shot are inspecting the brake block hangers. Saved you a trip the gym again a Tony! Oh and by the way I know its a vacuum cylinder but it would fit the good van.

Another struggle was to control the water pipe and feed it through the new ducting Ken and Kevin getting to grips with it.

Others negating the need for a gym trip were, here, John Hamer and myself who raised the wheel set about 3 feet in the air. Even with the differential pulley its still quite a pull. We did it in turns. With it raise the replacement wheel set was moved under/passed it and then this one was lowered again. Its so much easier to swap wheel sets on the model at home!

Back in the paintshop the more peaceful activities were continuing. Bob painting the final top coat on the ceiling of FO 3132.

Robin varnishing window trim sections ready for the interior team to fit next week.

Ainsley, Cheryl and Jeff completed the lining out on the Cotwold side of 25451 and did most of the Malvern side as well.

Today theinterior team were fitting the panelling under the compartment windows and completing the toilet wall re installations.

On 25451 Ken was starting on the re attachment of the communication cord system. The first step being to drill the mounting point holes.

If it all seems to much of struggle have a thought for this little plant striving to survive in the ballast of Winchcombe yard. Lovely.
Over the week end for the Gala the carriage works will be open to visitors Dave here starting the preparations. Dave is there all week-end. I will be there on Sunday. Come along and say hallo.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Wednesday another surprise (updated)

What a day. Getting to and home from Winchcombe was quiet an achievement. I joined a big traffic jam, well for Cirencester it was big, and then closed roads, different ones, going both ways.

So by the time I arrived the wire wool rub down of the varnished sections of SK 25451 was all ready well advanced  and by lunch time Des, Ainsley and Trevor had done just about all they could.

So after lunch Des

and Trevor switch their efforts to FO3132 in thee workshop. Sanding down some rough spots cleaning off the paint work and putting a coat of grey on some areas. We will be able to see just what is still needed to be done when its dry.

Nick also changed jobs after lunch. In the morning he did some work on the rail car (Buggy by its proper name) straighting out the bent frame cutting out the bottom corner and starting on the corner.

The change was to get both top corners of the FO north end re plated.

While we are on changing jobs; John Hill was on his own in the upholstery shop today so had a go a remaking one of the drivers seats for the rail car.

Craig back was starting work on the new door pillar liner for door 4 of the FO 3132. This is a trial wedge section to get the lock plate at the right angle. Tolerances of a couple of millimetres are called for.

The other long shot, even in the workshop from a go vantage point I can't get the carriage in. Scaffold towers get in the way from a low angle. The missing window is the last one remaining to be put back. We have to straighten the frame which has a twist in it first.

Rod, who just happens to have worked in bearing technology and design was intrigued by the rollers on the Rail car doors and soon achieved what others hadn't. Namely removing the covers from the bearing. He duly cleaned up the bearings and re-greased the set on the first door.

There were a number of different things going on today. The rewiring of the jacks was completed early afternoon just in time for the Lifting equipment inspector to arrive. He had already been to check out P'Way department's equipment and done much of ours. The lifting strops, bottle jacks pump trolleys etc.

All of this was to the background music of Ken on pneumatic drill chiseling out the floor to extend the ducting for the water pipe in the barn.

The channel cut, the pipe he was using for the duct proved to be just a bit long. The first job for tomorrow.

Just for Dave to show that he's not the only one who empties the bins. Colin and Eddie dealing with the ones from the woodwork shop.

During the day work was completely halted when word reached Winchcombe that 'Foremarke Hall' and 'Erlestock Manor', visiting for the gala were departing Toddington double heading the lunch time train.
 Got them both in the picture on the return trip.
I did resist a picture of Alex riding the train. I think he was supposed to be revising for exams. Riding up and down on the train is a different way to do it. However, the study seemed to entail a lot of looking out of the window.

Tuesday - A nice surprise

We were asked via a comment about pictures of the whole carriages being restored rather than the more usual close ups. Here are some and the problems of getting them!

Report by Dave Clark

The usual Tuesday number in with the expected concentration on SK 25451, the "Skeleton" Van and Malcom's Buggy.

That is all except for one. Vivian found that there was nothing she could do in the Upholstery workshop, so she donned her FOWS hat and had a nice day tending the station garden borders, and with the lovely weather, what better place to be! (many of the departments volunteers also work in other departments as well).

There was plenty of lining out on SK 25451, with Adrian, Stu and Cheryl on the Malvern side and Richard Hoy on the Cotswold side. We will leave further painting of these for a few days now to allow the paint to harden.

Here you can see the problem of trying to get a whole vehicle picture. The paintshop just isn't wide enough for the camera's/phone's we use.

More initial top coating was done on the "Skeleton" van by Richard Stone, who was later joined by Phil Hooton. It shouldn't be long now before the timber and boarding can be cut to size, treated with preservative, and made ready for painting and fixing.
The vans and wagons will fit in the frame

Prep work continued on Malcolm's buggy with Malcolm Baker sanding down inside,

and Alan sanding and treating with red oxide the Cotswold side north doorway. Alan later did more of both on the north end.

Upholstery had yet another seat frame from TSO 4614 that needed cleaning up. Keith removes the two wood blocks (which clamp the seat in place within the seating unit), prior to cleaning up the rusting metal and then completely coating it in red oxide.

With the Steam Gala looming and C&W open for public viewing on all three days, it was time to begin tidying up. What better way to start than bin emptying!

I'm usually last out, what with clearing up and writing up a jobs-to-do list for the next day. As I was later leaving, my extra efforts were well rewarded as gleaming "Foremarke Hall" passed by on a trial run to Cheltenham following it's "heavy-general" refurb. S&T on their return to the yard had mentioned that the Hall had been test running between Toddington and Laverton earlier in the day.