Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Wednesday - A bitty Day

Today was a little disjointed with various jobs being completed and others waiting for things to be completed.

SK 25451 was very much in that area with Trevor doing the first top coat painting on the available sections of the Malvern side

and Des similarly completing the available sections of the Cotswold side.

At the far end Mike was doing the final bit of fitting for the door straps.

At the near end you can see we have rehung the last door on the carriage. As I was inside the carriage to inset the top hinge pin having guided the door into position I wasn't thinking to much about a blog picture. Paul had brought the 'door gallops' through from the barn and was operation the hoist and Derrick took charge of the hinge pin assemblies. It is so frustrating if you drop one of the bits at this stage. The assemble consists of a pin brass ball spring tab washer and nut the pin apart none of the bits are large and are easily dropped while you try and get the hole in brass ball in the right position!.
With it all assembled the door closed with a satisfying clunk click. Always a great relief. We will need to do a little sanding as there is a small sticking point when you try to reopen the door.
Externally we still have a water pipe and some electrical connection to refit.
FO 3132 in the workshop became the focus for the painters once they had finished but not to paint. They joined Martin on more filling and sanding round the windows

while I focused on the rusted window corners. flattening this removed section to use as a template for the new section I found this shiny silver piece of soft mesh wire, (rather like some modern scouring pads). It had evidently been used as a packing to anchor some filler into a rather larger hole than one should really fill.
Derrick moved on the sanding a old door panels ready for re varnishing

while Dave was making new ones for those beyond recovering.
Maurice continued his nice little line in slider windows these more for 3132.
In the barn John was sizing up and measuring more axle boxes and guides. No wonder this box needed jacking out it, was wider than the gap its supposed to fit in!.
The guides will have to be removed cleaned up behind them and reattached. Its the normal issue of rust on the bogie face forcing the guide together. When you are working with tolerances in the 1/16ths of an inch it doesn't take much.

Helping out with the bogie cleaning was Russ
Another area of cleaning, well sort off, was the removal of flaking paint in the LMS Brake Van. In the first instance this is to find out how good or mainly bad the woodwork is. The inside is fairly good but the out side.......
Still we do now have a new pair of plates to mount the buffers back on the van. Thanks to Eddie.

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