Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Wednesday - welding

A total of 18 volunteers came in today with Paul Wood, John Appleton and Peter Holt all targeting the third rake ready for the 'War in the Cotswolds Week-end'. Paul was washing the floors while John and Peter targeted the toilets to ensure they and the water systems are working. They did encounter a door problem so called in Craig who leads the door team to deal with the issue.

The rest of us were about the usual variety of tasks that awaited us. One slightly less usual but one that is absorbing a lot of effort and time at present was the removal of old and scratched varnish from the panelling of 25451.

Trevor and Des completed the centre vestibule, both sides

Davey and later Des got most of the south end vestibule panelling done as well.

Maurice was joining in but with the removal of black paint from the lamp. Another of the tasks which seem to be taking a lot of various peoples time. We are getting there.
Rod on the other hand preferred to apply varnish putting another coat on these 2 corridor doors.
and then checked the bottom of the doors to ensure they got a coat of paint. they do get missed.

John Hill having had a delivery of 3 rolls of moquette yesterday

got a delivery of foam today. This is just a quarter of the foam stored/dumped in from of some completed seats for 4614. The foam is light but 'uncooperative' when you are trying to move it about where as the rolls of moquette are manoeuvrable but just plain heavy.

I did get the rolls of moquette up the stairs and stored on the racks but the foam sheeting will have to wait until John has other helpers about on Saturday.
Nick and I tackled the curved vertical framework on the Skeleton van. As can be seen it curves no more which is good it is supposed to be straight! It got a coat of red-oxide after the picture was taken.

Out in the barn yesterday the John Hamer had set up three axle box guides for welding. It was clear which ones had to be done. Nick duly obliged. They now await John return.

We also cut out some badly rusted Z section from under 2 windows cut some replacements and got the welded back in. On one widow we even got the plate work done as well on the other shown here the plate work sections are ready to go in.

The door team were busy today with Derrick servicing and cleaning all the components door furniture from 3132 door 1

while Mike was preparing the panelling on another of 3132's doors, I can't remember which one it is.

Clive was still working his way through the set of light covers. Note the Jenga style tower of them in the background. Here he is sorting out the hinges.



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