Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Wednesday - vanishing varnish.

It seems there are quite a number of the departments volunteers on holiday or suffering at present. to those who are ill a speedy recover to the others a speedy return!

Of course it could be the thought of more varnish removal (see yesterdays joy rider notes).  The varnish is disappearing mainly in clouds of dust or scrapings. In the paintshop today it was Des

and Trevor with some assistance from Craig who were doing the honours.

In the workshop I was doing much the same to one of the corridor compartment doors. That was after Mike and Ken had finished with the workbench where they had applied the sealant round a window frame. Together we had then fixed it in place. I left them to complete the riveting.

and returned to do the door. Removal of the lower panel revealed the usual collection of things

namely 6 tickets that seem to mainly date from 2004, an RBr buffet menu, a 2004 timetable and a 2p piece, now in the departments donation box.

Ken then also left Mike to complete the window and set about reconnecting a vital bracket under 25451. When you have to work directly over yourself a full face mask is a must.
Also dealing with plumbing issues was Peter Holt from the maintenance team. he is in the process of modifying the isolation vales across the rakes so that they all actually WORK! Some haven't been used in so long the inevitable has happened and they have seized up. It was a good opportunity to do the ones on 3132 while its in pieces in the workshop.

There are other job just as undesirable that have to be done. So this is why they are called the dirty gang! An accumulation of grotty grease from a axle box.

Servicing one of the carriage jacks was rather more appealing to John Hamer today. A clean up of the rack teeth and sealing the leak from the cover of the oil reservoir was messy enough.

Mentioning teeth you can see why I don't take many pictures in the woodwork shop. I wouldn't want to distract Eddie.

Here he is setting up the width gauge before cutting the sheet ply. This thing can cut though hardwood like it was soft butter.
well away from the machine Colin is applying more of the hinges to the light covers. Only a few left to go now.

In the upholstery shop John Hill and Sandra were using some of the recently delivered foam having managed to get the rest safely stored. While in the fore ground is a seat base Dave Dron is repairing with new edge strips.
Craig completed the door checks on 25451 today. It just remains to grease the pins once the painters have finished.

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