Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Tuesday - trip

Report by Dave Clark

Just 8 in on a very chilly, but thankfully sunny day.

In the Workshop Richard Stone was back on the Skeleton Van, cleaning out two sections of the base frame that need straightening.

The tidied up line of wagons and Toad brake van now looking very much better. Stu and Dennis completed the remaining painting on these during the day.

Another job tackled by Stu was the removal of the remaining outer layer of planking on the LMS brake van in the Barn.

The main concentration was once again on SK 25451, with more varnish removal on the internal veneer panelling. Ainsley and Malcolm were busy in the north end vestibule.

Cheryl (now back in overalls after the war time weekend) and Dennis, as well as Stu and Richard Hoy, were working in the corridor, cleaning up where more sanding was needed. Overall this is a long tedious process, but a fresh coat of stain and several coats of varnish and the coach interior will look so much better after 21 years of use since its last refurb.

Some site, we in C&W, rarely see

Unless of course we also happen to volunteer in another train based group. We tend to spend all of our days in the Works and are not out enjoying the coaches we have spent many hours refurbishing. So today I spent an enjoyable hour and a half of self indulgence travelling the full line in the DMU.

A final check of the Barn before locking up for the day revealed the dramatic change in the weather!

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