Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Tuesday - It is amazing what you find

Report by Dave Clark

Just 10 in today, and a surprise find later on.

Cheryl has now also joined our Cleaning Team who meet every Monday at Toddington. She sent in this photo of some of the gang cleaning the outside of the Chocolate & Cream rake. Our cleaning team do a great job but they do need more help.

So to Tuesday, and we decided to begin top coating where we could on SK 25451, with Cheryl back in her more familiar painting role, and Richard Hoy working on the upper half of the Cotswold side, while Malcolm Baker was busy undercoating available parts of the Malvern side.

At the north end Stu Howarth and Dennis Stevens were attaching the back of the corridor connection to the wooden sections using the special self-tapping screws.

With this completed they were then able to start painting the metal panelling in undercoat dark grey.

The final door for 25451 is currently under reconstruction by the door team. However with the door skin still untouched, we decided to sand this down on Saturday, and today Ainsley give it a coat of undercoat light grey. At least it will now be part prepared when finally mounted on the coach.

In addition to working on 25451, Malcolm painted the stands for the new high level welding curtains. It was quite warm in the Paintshop, and as such the stands were coated in red oxide, undercoated and then finally top coated all within the day! So all ready for John Osborn on Saturday as promised.

Tony Barnard initially continued the filling and greying-up on FO 3132.

He then transferred to sanding down more compartment doors from SK 25451.

It is amazing what you find inside one of these compartment doors when the bottom panel is unscrewed. Yes, all this was from the one door.

The "haul" comprised: -

The share appeal "By Rail to the Races" - the appeal to extend the line from Gotherington to Cheltenham Racecourse - compare this with our new appeal brochure!

We had just raised the speed limit to 25 mph and could now have a 23½ ton axle loading. So bigger locos. Good job P&O wasn't ready!
Santa Special tickets for 24th December 1996 - fare £7.00

The buffet car service brochure advertising crisps, cakes, teas and a bar service. No bacon rolls then!

Various adult day return tickets from the 90s, including Toddington-Gretton dated August 1990.

A more modern Growler Group membership application

A child's doodle

Later in the day Ainsley started stripping the flaking paint from inside the roof of the LMS guards van. There is a lot to do on this vehicle, and removing all the old paint will help us assess the degree of wood replacement needed.

In the Upholstery shop Vivien and John Hughes were stripping down more seating from the former Mid-Norfolk coach TSO 4614.

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mack said...

Oh my days if your going to strip paint with a heat gun put some gloves on!... I had some moulten paint flop off the back of the scraper and stick to my hand. It was a severe burn that blistered instantly, not helped by the fact the paint stuck to the skin. I'd dread to think what would happen doing it upside down on a roof and that happen on your cheek !!! Argg!!!... Just a heads up ;)