Thursday, 21 April 2016

Thursday - Where did the paintshop GO?

For a Thursday it was very quiet with just 13 volunteers in attendance. It also appears that, with the war week-end coming up, the painters are hankering after nostalgic memories of the early railways. They reverted to painting outside. Phil started by repainting the yellow and pink of the Satlink pipe wagon. They have always rather grabbed the eye in the yard. Now in dark grey they blend into the background rather more.

Of course a bit of sunshine helped and the painting of one wagon rapidly descended into a paint of anything in sight. The Guards van and another two wagons got the treatment.

You missed another pink one lads. Still maybe we can get that into the paintshop to tempt them back inside sometime soon.

Bob did do a bit inside on 25451 getting some more of the corridor ceiling painted.

With the painters outside it did leave the interior fitting team a free run on 25451. Pat finished tightening the loo window on the Malvern side and removed a lot of old panel pins ready to re panel the walls.

At the other end Richard was doing some more of the varnish removal.

Then it was on with the varnishing as Roger 


and Pat all got to work on the compartment walls. They had already fixed the final mount bars along the corridor but vacated the area for Bob to paint the ceiling.

The only other painting today was Michael priming a number of electrical connector mount plates. He also did some more work on the window sliders for 3132.

The other hive of activity was barn where the first job was to switch the wheels sets over. To do so you have to lift one over the other. Differential pulleys are very good but you do feel you have completed at least a bell ringers quarter peel by the time you have done. Phil and |Malcolm guide as John pulls on the chain for the lift.

Having switched the wheelsets you then have to lift the end of the bogie yep another quarter peel this time by Phil.

Once the axle boxes were safely  in the guides John could start checking spring and cleaning up the spring mounts. 

I spent much of my time cutting out rusty sections of 3132's north end and preparing new plates to be welded in. The centre bit fits but the left hand section still needs a bit of work. Getting two bolts through the section in just the correct place was problematic I  think I was out by about 1/10" We will have to make the holes a bit larger. We will be welding round them anyway.

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