Thursday, 7 April 2016

Thursday - standing room only

Another busy day with both workshop and maintenance teams in attendance and bad weather led to a packed mess room come tea break. Its never a problem when the sun shines.

although the weather doesn't bother the maintenance gang much, 2 happy souls, Trevor and Pete, heading out into the rain.

This will be a bit of a struggle for a while with the interior at a dusty stage of restoration and the exterior needing a dust free atmosphere. Much as we would like too we can't afford to leave the paintshop empty. We need all the workspace we can have to keep things moving along. Oh for a running/storage shed. Well we can dream!

Cheryl did get started early on the lower section of the Malvern side but the degree of supervision was
well enough said.

or maybe not, I have just received this picture from Cheryl
she says 'Yes they really were watch paint dry'

The major job of the day was to complete as far as possible the sealing of the window frames. Roger checking the outside and packing the mastic where needed.

Some frames needed a little more tightening so Pete Lucus helped out on the inside while Roger continued outside. He was able to declare 'all done' by lunch time so most of the Malvern side is now back to the painters.

That didn't affect Jeff as he was undercoating the end in dark grey.
The 2 toilet windows have been delayed waiting for the extensive welding to be completed. Here the interior woods are clamped in place for the holes to be drilled. On the other side glass is now back in and the interior woods tightened.

Ron had to divert for a while to varnish some more of the wood window sections.

Steve cut out a new ceiling section in the woodwork shop

Then wedge it into position with the new poles Paul acquired to assist with the job. There was no dancing involved other than with joy at how well they worked and how much easier it made putting up a new ceiling.

In the mean time Bob was working his way along the carriage painting each compartment ceiling. This was 6 of 8. There is another one to do now.

 FO 3132
Stu having started the day sanding down this door and cleaning it off got to undercoat it as well. What to do other than watch the paint dry?

Easy learn about reinstalling window frames and the compressed air pop riveter under Ken's guidance. Note the screwdriver sticking out of the carriage. This is actually a vital guide to getting the window back in exactly the right place by aligning the holes before the first rivet goes in.
 This was window 5 on the Malvern side. The next job was the removal of window 6 which was soon on the work bench being cleaned up. I'm not sure of the progress during the afternoon as I had to leave at lunch time to meet up with one of  my grandsons. from the progress I am guessing but I suspect they may have also remove window 7. Both have to come out for welding to be done on the body side near the bottom window corners. Indeed Clive was cutting out 2 section from around window 2 which is also out.

The Cotswold side is more advanced with all the window welding completed. We do however need a new pane of glass to replace one found to have a hole in it.

With so many in I know I have missed some of the jobs undertaken to day so my apologies to those I missed.

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