Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Thursday - Ready Steady Go

With the shunt completed on Saturday and some sorting out completed yesterday it was very much all systems go today.  The shunt also means we have so much more we can get at now.

Apart from a few bits SK 25451 is externally ready for painting. The bits outstanding are 2 doors, the toilet windows and the corridor connections.

To that end Ken started the re-installing of the north end connection

while Davey worked on the south end connection  Here applying sealant to keep the water out!.

Between them on the Cotswold side Craig was carrying out repairs for the door locking plate of one door while at the other end Mike was sorting out the door restraining strap.

Between them Trevor got cracking on the undercoat. He was later joined by Alex, at the far end. By the end of the day the lower panel was also in undercoat  'Madder'

On the Malvern side the taping up still needed to be done so Des did that

 and was joined by Rod who started on the undercoating.
In the workshop during the morning Nick completed the steel racks for plywood storage.
After lunch and the red oxide had had time to dry Eddie and Phil collected them and installed them in the container. They are already fully in use.

Also after lunch and via trip to the barn to re-weld some pedestal liners on the bogie John Hamer is working on he joined Ken to take the Skeleton Van. The two main spars at the north end have a large bow that we are going to straighten. YES WE ARE!!! Ken set up a hoist as a pulley and after Nick put a cut in the back of the spar. HEAVE. (yet again proving you don't need gym membership if you work in C&W)

Once back to where it was supposed to be and with the application of some heat, here and there, Nick repaired the cut in the spar. One straight spar. There is still a little tidying up work to do on it then we can tackle the other one.

FO 3132 wasn't completely ignored today with Derrick working on one of the doors. This is now ready to go into the woodwork shop. I also did some work removing a section of rusty panel work and preparing a couple of new sections to weld back in.

Last week I showed Clive making another of these little frame. Apparently he has 16 to make. They are the diffusers to go over the light fittings we painted a couple of weeks ago.

Phil is getting into woodworking under the tutelage of Eddie. Here working on a door panel.

Th upholstery team having completed the final set of DMU seats, which are now waiting collection and fitting,

have started on a new challenge. These are the first seats taking shape for TSO 4614

and Dave has started on a new pot of used staples gathered when removing the old moquette.
We have 2 groups round today one possible new volunteers.
The other a group from those attending the official launch of the
'Broadway the Final Mile'
appeal. We have been getting ready for a while and patiently waiting in the steady state but the appeal is now officially in a GO status.
You hadn't heard?!
No excuses there is a link at the top right of this page.


Ian B said...

I bet you can't wait to get your hands on the next DMU car! look on the bright side, it'll have considerably fewer doors!!

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Really, yes we can.

there is a BSK with 14 doors in the queue along with an RBr. Both are needed for Broadway. That's as well as a disabled carriage, 4614 and the FO. Oh and there is always a hospitality carriage the board would like.

Ken said...

Ken started the re-installing of the north end connection

No. I looked at one of the bolts for the 'woods' and observed, "That hasn't been tightened". And it hadn't! It has now.

It still needs Steve to finish the floor, and the chequer plate attached, before the horseshoe can be attached to the wood surround.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday or Thursday?