Sunday, 17 April 2016

Thursday - Cracking On

With a management team meeting in the evening I was in for the second Thursday on the trot. However, with that meeting and very full few days I have now only just got round to reviewing the days activity.

Trying to get or keep communications going is never easy especially when we have almost completely different sets of volunteers attending each day we are open. So the removal of door 1 from FO 3132 was a minor success having agreed its removal with the door team on Wednesday.

Wouldn't you know it the tiny tab washer that is part of the bolt assembly wouldn't come off! 5 minutes of struggling finally overcame it and we could set about lifting off. Dave then stripped it down and cleaned it up.

Phil was cleaning up brake block bolts for the Skeleton van and was surprised by the flash. So was I. You can see why I don't normally have it switched on. Still it shows his hi-viz works.
Richard was cleaning up the associated brake blocks. 

In the paintshop the work was largely focused on the interior. The toilet window reinstallation was competed and the mounting batons along the corridor were fitted bar a couple. However, Roger was checking round the mastic seal on the outside of the windows that have been removed and replaced. At the end of the day they passed inspection to hand over to the painters.

Alan was removing damaged varnish from the centre vestibule

while Bob was painting the corridor ceiling.

With the door team having completed all their work on 25451, all the doors were handed over to the painters. Stu having fitted the last bit of capping strip and done the required filling was able to start on some undercoating inside the door surround.

Robin has started on the long process of varnishing the compartment doors. These are 2 of 8.

Having just about completed a round of axle box checks one had been found to have a leaking gasket. John cutting out some new ones.
After a reasonable day for weather a thunderstorm rolled in late on and proceeded to stop overhead. We eventually made a run for it, well we wanted our tea before the meeting,  the tidal wave of water cascading down the road and into the yard was very concerning.
When we returned an hour or so later for our meeting it was with a degree of relief that we found the French drain round the workshop had done its job. The water marks seemed to indicate it was a close run thing.

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