Friday, 1 April 2016

Thursday - Almost like summer

Report by Dave Clark

Another busy Thursday with lots going on ready for Saturday's shunt, and a lovely warm sunny one too!

Starting off in the Paintshop with the final bits of tidying up being done before W51360 goes outside on Saturday. Martin Jauch gave a second top coat of orange to the corridor connection flaps, while inside Alex wipes over the floor prior to the charger and all remaining items being returned to the luggage compartment.

Richard Hoy cleaned some more windows, while inside Paul had given the area of compartment floor that could be treated a second coating of sealer - the front part of the passenger area will be done when seat frames here have been secured.

It is sometime since the Paintshop floor has been vacuumed. With the SK coming in to replace the DMU car, time for a fresh start.

Alex paints wood preserver on the four supports that Steve Barnfield has made for the bogie tarpaulins - presumably this will help prevent the large puddles that form in the folds. Steve intends to test fit them on Saturday.

There was a lot of concentration on SK 25451 in the Workshop today. Jeff uncovered some rusty areas just under the north end roof edge, but it was surface corrosion only so could simply be treated and then filled.
Paul went through the coach vacuuming up as much of the sanding dust as possible.

Bob was back on the compartment ceilings, initially adding paintable sealant where required, before resuming painting.

The final window goes in, this being the Cotswold side toilet. Ron carefully pushes in the sealing strip while outside Alan Jones pushes the window tightly against the frame using the suction grips for support.

Back in the Paintshop Robin carefully stains more sanded window frame sections from 25451.

Peter Holt and Martin Thornley from our Maintenance team were busy checking cistern tanks from the Third Rake.

Each one has a quick water test prior to being returned to the rake.

Richard Bates and Ted Ellis, also from the team, were preparing the light fittings that will go in the recently painted shades for TSO 4772.

The ex-GWR box (skeleton) van progresses, with Richard Stone and Phil Hooton spending the morning on the frame, leaving Clive to carry on in the afternoon. Much of the frame has now been cleaned up and coated in red oxide.

FK 13337 "Gillian" was shunted outside where John Hamer did a final check of  the axle boxes.

This enabled FO 3132 to be put on the jack road and the body lifted up so as to push out the bogies. While Phil was checking the fuse box, Richard had a general inspection of the underside and indicated that we would need to remove and service the vacuum cylinder. The coach enters the Workshop for the first time on Saturday.

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