Saturday, 9 April 2016

Saturday - a seat in the mess room

After Thursday's great turn out it was noticeably quiet today. So there were seats available in the mess room today.

The effort was evenly spread with the upholstery team starting by removing a lot more seats from 4614 while the weather was good.
Seemingly the seats were not a set but a motley collection in several different moquettes. There are at east 4 different ones in this pile.

They soon settled to the task of stripping the seats off. Penny working on an arm rest, Dave a seat base and in the back ground Jenny

getting the needle from John as they sew the first layer of covering on a seat back. Its one each side and push the 6inch plus long needle through.

Another new sport. Fishing C&W style. Richard and Paul look hopeful have we go one?
 We only fish for the big stuff in C&W. No rod and engine hoist , 3" hook and for a line a fairly light, for us, purple strop. Typical all they caught was small, I think about 15", vacuum cylinder.
With it safely landed and moved to the storage area Paul and Richard could be back to sanding the frame work of the wagon. Paul is actually standing where the cylinder was mounted.

By the end of the day another large section of framework was done and painted in red oxide.
We are determined that the wagon won't remain a skeleton much longer and sections of the new roof support timbers are being prepared.
and there are supplies of the plywood for the sides in stock. ( I actually included this picture as I missed the new storage racks being put in place by Eddie and Phil on Wednesday but it works both ways).
They will have to crack on though or Steve will have used it making new floors for 25451. This having already made the floor supports and fitted them is the section for the Malvern side loo floor

and also the corridor connection entrance floor.

As fast as Steve fitted it Richard was ripping up the lino elsewhere in the carriage. It was for investigation purposes. There was concern about the steel floor supports but the following investigation showed them to be fine. We were replacing the lino flooring in the corridor anyway.

Before Richard pulled the floor out from under him Paul had spent much of the day removing varnish from the centre corridor walls.

Ailsa was working in the woodwork shop on a similar task having tidied up some sections of removed panelling she was also applying the solvent to remove varnish.

Paul also did a session of sanding  more if the trim strips

while just behind him Andy was sanding down a door from the carriage prior to it going back on.

John Osborn was welding a new frame
 no its not a bigger fishing rod, but one of two legs for a high level welding curtain. The problem being that when welding above mid height on the carriages the welders are above the existing welding screens we have. So very soon we will have taller welding screens. Having taken the picture I had to move in and hold the upright while he welded it.

The exterior of 25451 was not forgotten with Dave and Alex completing much of the undercoat on the Malvern side.

We also have a visit from several members of the Great Central C&W department today as they inspected our facilities and swapped notes on how we each do various things. Its always good to exchange ideas and learn from each other.After a tour of the workshops and yard it a quick drink in the Coffee Pot before catching a train ride.

Finally, a final picture of the green DMU first class seats. The refitting was competed yesterday by Stuart when the top trims and side panels were fixed, all the pieces were there and they all fitted; a great relief to all concerned. After that, as you would expect, it was onward and upwards - to fit the replacement seats in the maroon buffet (the other frame in the picture).
Pictures by Stuart  - thanks


Anonymous said...

What's 4614 ? Don't think I've seen that number mentioned before Cant see it listed on the Rolling stock page either, new arrival to the railway ?

Anonymous said...

Is it the one numbered 4910 in "open carriages"?

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Er sorry yes they are one and the same I think they are actually TSO 4614 but I will be checking.

Richard said...

Looking forward to seeing the work on 3132 & 4614 - Keep up the good work! I don't know if your still on the look out for MK1 TSOs, but the East Kent has one for sale - VAC braked / Steam Heated but poor externally.

mack said...

That coach in east Kent looks a great project, all wood inside, and largly complete....