Sunday, 3 April 2016

Saturday - Sort out, the shunt

We new there would be a shunt today so everyone was geared up to get things moving this morning.

Shunts are NEVER straight forward so well done to Richard who choreographs most ours Phil and Ian.

 The first step was to get a pair of the newly acquired wheelsets out of our storage area and back onto the track. It had to be done early before P'Way disappeared to wherever they were working. Our thanks for the lift!
With that done FK 13337 'Gillian' was shunted out from the jack road and taken back over to the far side of the running line and into the third rake.

Then it was get everything else out of the workshops. The Blue DMU W51360 drive unit ready to return to Toddington
That relocated we had to return everything else back into the workshops. Of course its never quite that easy. SK 25451 was heading into the paintshop

so had to be shunted to the other side of the skeleton box van

before that could return to its spot in the workshop.
Richard and Paul were soon back to cleaning the frame work
working mainly on the underframe.
After that FO 3132 could be put into the workshop  (effectively moving up the line from the barn)
With the shunt progressing well the painters could start cleaning off all the dust on 25451. A job that would have been easier if only it had been blowing a gale outside while the carriage was out there.
Its a job that will need doing several times over the next few weeks I expect.

Inside Bob continued painting the ceilings, 4 from the 8 compartments are now done.

Steve was straight into creating some more sawdust while refitting the toilet end floor.

Good progress but still some way to do.
With FO 3132 in the workshop James was back to welding new sections into the end.
 we have more space on the Malvern side of the workshop than we do in the barn so Ken prepared two window frames ready to go back in. |We have rather been waiting for this shunt to get the job done.

 and with a bit of help from Paul and myself he fitted them back into the carriage. We have one more out ready to go back in and another three to come out for welding repairs.

Now that wasn't the end of the shunting with the jack road clear the wheelsets and a bogie were pushed into place and the Midland Brake van was also put on the jack road. The buffers at this, the north end, were sagging so a team of Andy, just out of sight, Derek and Kevin set about removing them.

Carefully labelled there is a suggestion they are handed but they also don't look to be a perfect match pair anyway. The face plate is much thicker on the left hand buffer. The question for this Brake van is how far do we go? a lot of the wooden sides are in a poor condition.

The final bit of shunting was to bring TSO 4614 up close to the barn. As I intimated there was no gale blowing, in fact it was a warm sunny day. This enticed the upholstery team out from their workshop to investigate the next big job. They duly extracted the seats from a couple of the seating bays in the carriage and transported them back to the upholstery shop ready to get started on.

I delivered the 5 seats they have just completed for the second rakes Buffet car, 1808, up to the platform and loaded them into the brake van ready for the maintenance team to fit on Thursday.

Chris kept well out of the way in the woodwork shop making some new door panels.

We had a visit from 4 fellow enthusiasts from the South Devon Railway to look at a special bogie configuration that we happen to have under the Boiler Van. While Richard and I were showing them I noticed that a window in the RBr stored in the yard was flapping/blowing about in the gentle breeze.

Inspection showed that it was only held in place by 2 rivets in one top corner. On the basis that all the other 25-30 had failed I didn't have a great deal of faith in the 2 lasting much longer. So it was a quick gathering of tools and a hike with ladder down the yard to put some new rivets in before the window and frame fell out altogether.

Dave, never really willing to let a carriage go was still finding some little bits to touch up on the DMU,
or was it just an excuse to get out in the sunshine.

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